Little More About Me.

Hey there! Viraj here from Mumbai. Welcome to my blog & scroll down to know more about me.

My Story

I’m a self-taught Internet Marketer and my goal is to make everyone aware of the term “Digital Marketing” and to teach it for FREE.

About Viraj Waim is Viraj Waim’s personal blog where he mostly used to speak about the scope of Digital Marketing in the future.
Viraj Waim is a full-time Blogger, YouTuber & founder of RankMango (robust SEO blog) who help people teaching Internet Marketing things on his channel.
His personal blog is now one of the most popular SEO blogs online.

Short Summary

Here you’ll find some powerful articles on career, courses & job opportunities in the online world…so you can easily fight with each and every obstacle that you face while choosing a good career option.
Basically, is an answer to:
How to deal with career or job confusion?
Why choose Digital Marketing as a career?
How to learn Internet Marketing for free?

Learn Digital Marketing For FREE!

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