Little More About Me.

Hey there! Viraj here from Mumbai. Welcome to my secret place to gain peace and happiness in life

My Story

I Am a self-taught Digital Marketer and also an author by profession. I’m here to boost your enthusiasm and to provide you some very cool life hacks to easily travel the stressful journey of life (with happiness).

Right now I’m doing fieldwork in the real estate agency to train myself outside the comfort zone. Because I believe that growth happens outside the comfort zone, so I dig myself into that field. The thought of creating this place has actually come in my mind from this field when I was gone for the site visit one day. I’ve literally seen people crying in BIG bungalows even after having each and everything! This blog is the complete solution for those peoples. In fact, I’m also working for a direct selling company to work out on my soft skills. So, I’m also putting together all my network marketing related knowledge and skills in this one place. 🙂

In short,
Here you’ll find some robust articles on network marketing, lifestyle, self-development, relationship and struggles related to money… so you can easily fight with each and every obstacle that you face in your day to day life. Basically is an answer to:
How to be happy in life forever.
How can I live my life stress-free?
How do I become a better version of myself?
How can I handle my relationship?
How can I become financially free?

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