Air Hostess: The Complete Job Profile & Description

Air Hostess Job Description

Welcome to the 1st topic of our definitive guide on air hostess.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the complete job profile & air hostess job description in detail to learn more about this career option.

So, If you want to check whether this job profile is suitable for you or not then you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive right in…


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    Table Of Content

    Air Hostess Job Introduction

    Air Hostess aka cabin crew or flight attendant is totally responsible for the safety, comfort, enhancing the flying experience, and fulfilling other needs of the passengers travelling in the aircraft.

    Besides that, if you become an air hostess then you need to be active all the time, constantly checking the nature of emergency equipment and keeping passengers updated with the latest news.

    There are a lot more activities an air hostess does on the board… we will completely discuss those activities in the duties and responsibilities section.

    But first, let’s break some confusions regarding the role.

    Here’s the main confusion among the people:

    What is the difference between steward & stewardesses?

    Does air hostess can also be a male person or not?

    So, let’s break the chain of confusion now !!

    Simply, If the flight attendant is a male person then he is called as a steward or an air host.

    Similarly, if the flight attendant is a female person then she is known as stewardesses or an air hostess.

    Make sense? Good 🙂

    Why Become An Air Hostess?

    So, let’s see why so many girls carry the desire to work as an air hostess or a flight attendant.

    Basically in this section, we will talk about some of the advantages or pros of becoming an air hostess.

    Here’s the list of some cool new things that will come to your life when you become an air hostess

    1. Mindblowing Salary Package

    This is the first benefit you’ll get when you successfully start your career as a cabin crew.

    As compared to other jobs in the hospitality sector, cabin crew jobs pay a person so well.

    The average flight attendant salary in India is about 5 to 8 lakhs rupees per annum… i.e approx. 41k to 66k rupees per month.

    Not only that but if some other day flight got delayed or late, then you’ll also get paid for those extra hours of working

    2. Free Travel Around The Globe

    It is the dream of many people to visit new places and travel around the world once in a lifetime.

    So, if you start working in the airlines then you’ll get an opportunity to fulfil this desire not just once, but each and every day.

    But remember,

    This thing is only possible if you get a job in the International airline and not in a domestic airline.

    3. Robust Personality development

    This job is a goldmine when it comes to developing skills and personality in an individual.

    Dozens of skills you’ll learn if you do this job with full dedication and confidence.

    Here are some of the common skills you’ll learn:

    Social skills by meeting new people every day, communication skills by talking to different people, pressure handling by handling work pressure, patience by dealing with stressful situations & general knowledge by visiting new places.

    4. Impressive Perks & Discounts

    There are many perks and discounts available in this job profile that not only you but also your family members can enjoy.

    One of those perks like free tickets or discounts on hotel booking, food expenses and transportation for immediate family members of an air hostess is also available.

    You can even get direct benefits from the company such as health insurance, life insurance, company pension plan etc.

    Air Hostess Job Qualifications & Skills

    In order to create your identity in this pleasing job profile you need to successfully passed the eligibility criteria of becoming a stewardess in India.

    So, in this section I’ll put some light on the necessary skills and education qualifications that are required to begin with the journey.

    Here’s the deal.

    Flight Attendant Eligibility Criteria

    Education10+2 or graduate degree with a diploma or degree in hospitality or tourism management
    PassportEligible to hold an Indian Passport
    Age18 – 26 years of age
    HeightMinimum 157.5 centimetres i.e 5.16 inches
    WeightShould be proportionate to your height
    Martial StatusUnmarried or Married (depends on the policy of the institutes)
    EyesightNormal vision or minimum uncorrected distant vision of 6/24 in each eye
    Medical FitnessMedically fit having no mental illness records
    LanguageProficient in English, Hindi and other foreign languages for additional advantage
    ComplexionFair to a clear complexion

    Additional Essential Skills

    1. You should have strong interpersonal skills
    2. Your communication skills must be superb
    3. You should be good at presenting yourself
    4. Your patience level must be in your control
    5. You must be good at facing tough situations
    6. Your team-working skills must be impressive
    7. You must have a positive or good attitude

    Air Hostess Duties & Responsibilities

    Even though the job of an air hostess looks prestigious and peaceful from outside… the story is totally different from inside.

    As soon as the air hostess gets welcomed on the board she gets backed by so many responsibilities to do.

    So, let’s talk about all the duties and responsibilities of an air hostess from start to end.

    Pre-Flight Duties & Responsibilities

    1. Attending Pre-Flight Meeting

    Attending the pre-flight meeting of the forthcoming flight is the very first thing you need to do.

    Because in that meeting you’ll be assigned your working position for the upcoming flight.

    Also, you’ll get aware of some important things further.

    2. Getting Flight Details

    Second, you should be completely aware of flight details and it’s schedule… when you’ll be on board it will gonna help you.

    You’ll get notified about the flight details and it’s schedule during your pre-flight meeting.

    3. Knowing About Your Passengers

    The third and very important pre-flight activity is to know about your passenger before they get on the board.

    There will be passengers with special requirements like special meal requests, passenger having speaking or communication challenge, VIPs passengers, frequent flyer passengers, passengers requiring wheelchairs etc.

    So, you should be aware of those in order to take of them accordingly.

    4. Performing Pre-Flight Tasks

    After attending the pre-flight meeting there some important tasks that you need to do.

    Here the list of it:

    • You need to check whether the safety equipment is on the place or not
    • You need to ensure whether the aircraft is clean and tidy
    • You need to make sure that the first aid box is fill up properly

    On-Board Duties & Responsibilities

    1. Welcoming & Directing Passengers

    This is the most basic and exciting duty of an air hostess.

    You need to welcome every passenger with a gorgeous smile on your face 🙂 and then direct them to their seats.

    You also need to help them regarding placing their luggage in the appropriate place.

    2. Fixing Common Issues Before Take-Off

    There are some important tasks that you need to do before the flight take-off.

    You need to make sure that all walkways and exits are not blocked, you need to fix or resolve any seating issues if there, you also need to check whether the seat belts are in place and the galley equipment is secure prior to take-off.

    3. Announcing Aircraft Safety Procedures

    Alright so now you have done every little thing that was really important.

    Now it’s time to announce safety procedures to all the passengers.

    So, cabin crew need to announce and inform aircraft safety procedures to all the passengers on the board.

    4. Proving Professional Services

    Providing professional services enhance the quality of flying experience and makes passengers happy throughout the journey.

    Therefore, you need to perform some activities like serving meals & refreshments, providing first aid to the passenger as and when the requirement arises.

    5. Keeping All Passengers Updated

    It is a mandatory thing that cabin crew should keep all their passengers updated with latest or upcoming news during the journey.

    Basically, you need to make timely announcements to keep your passengers informed about any delay or an issue

    6. Providing Timely Medical Facilities

    There are possibilities sometimes your passengers will be required first aid… and that time you need to provide timely medical facilities to them.

    Remember, medical facilities should be provided in a professional manner whilst keeping the passenger clam during treatment.

    7. Keeping Yourself Available All Time

    During the journey, you need to be active and conscious in the flight. 

    Some passengers may require your help or else they want to question you regarding something, therefore you need to make yourself available in the cabin so that they can find you quickly.

    8. Checking For Any Leftovers

    Sometimes some passengers forget the things on the flight which they have bought with themselves.

    So, you need to check public areas, toilet, overhead lockers, galleys to ensure that nobody has left their belongings in the plane.

    9. Doing Necessary Paperwork

    Finally, there is still one last activity that you need to perform i.e doing some necessary paperwork.

    You need to do the paperwork of things such as lodging of any faults, problems or issues occurred during the flight, stock control etc.

    Stewardess Working Hours

    Well, everything comes up with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and working hours are nothing but cons of becoming a cabin crew.

    I’m saying this because, 

    Normally, the working hours of an air hostess or cabin crew are not so stable.

    An air hostess needs to work on very odd timings & there is no fixed period of time to work.

    Which simply means sometimes to need to work in the early morning or sometimes you need to work through the night.

    It can go even worse… there are possibilities they will gonna call you on weekends and sometimes on public holidays too.

    If by chance your return journey got delayed or cancelled then you need to forget about taking rest on your days off.

    Although it is true that you’ll get paid for those extra things that you’re doing, but you need to sacrifice spending more time with your family or friends.

    Now It’s Your Turn

    I hope I have made so many things clear in this piece of article.

    Now I’d like to turn it over to you.

    So, what you think is this job is suitable for you or not?

    Or maybe you might have any questions.

    Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now. 🙂

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