Air Hostess Salary: How Much Money Do Flight Attendants Really Make In India?

Air Hostess Salary

Welcome to the 3rd topic of our complete guide on air hostess.

In this post, you’ll get complete information about the air hostess salary in detail around every position and the experience level.

We’ll also compare the flight attendant salary packages of all the major Indian airline companies across different locations… so that you can choose the best possible option.

Let’s dive right in.


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    Average Salary Of An Air Hostess In India

    On an average, flight attendants or air hostesses salary is somewhere close to ₹25,000 per month in India i.e around ₹3 lakhs per annum.

    Many young graduates attracted toward cabin crew jobs mostly because of the impressive salary package and lucrative other benefits such as perks.


    Even though working as an air hostess or steward is the most pleasing job ever… there are some points you need to care about especially in the case of a salary structure.

    The size of the air hostess salary package in India varies from different companies to companies & locations to locations.

    Also, it will depend on your job title and overall experience in the airline industry which is quite an ordinary thing.

    I have covered each and everything in detail in the further sections of this article.

    Read on…

    Factors Affecting An Air Hostess Salary Growth

    Different factors put different types of dents on the salary package of the flight attendants working in India.

    And, in this section, we’ll talk about some common factors that affect the initial growth of an air hostess who has just started out with her career.

    1. Current Experience Level

    Your seniority or experience level plays a vital role in your salary package and overall career growth.

    Remember, more responsibilities means more money.

    And, usually, senior flight attendants are rewarded with more responsibilities like overseeing other flight attendants, scheduling & recruiting.

    The money that will be get credited every month in your bank account will totally depend upon how much you have experience in serving passengers and making their journey happier.

    Therefore, do not get disappointed if your initial salary does not match your expectations…  it will definitely start growing when you start grabbing experience.

    2. Chosen Airline Company

    Other than your current working experience, the specific airline in which you’re working can also affect your salary growth.

    This is because the pay scale of all the airline companies are different and change from countries to countries.

    In short, the salary packages offered by major airlines are higher as compared to the salary packages offered by regional or low-cost ones.

    So, I highly recommend you to do great research from your side before going for any specific airline company.

    3. Location Where You From

    The salary of the flight attendants in India also determined by the different locations in India.

    Flight attendants from metropolitan states & territories like Delhi, Maharashtra, Kolkata, West Bengal etc, gets higher salary package.

    In more simple terms,

    If you’re from a metropolitan area, chances are that you will make more money than those flight attendants who belong to small or less busy regions.

    I have put together this information into a table so that it will become easier for you to compare.

    You’ll find that table including this information further in this article… keep reading !!

    Benefits And Perks Of A Stewardess

    In some cases, you can actually manage to earn more than what you are currently getting, or you can even say it will be an addon for your current salary package.

    However, there are some cons like working for an extra hour or staying overnight but some additional perks do come with no hidden intentions.

    Let’s check them out. 

    1. Layover Allowance

    When because of some issues the return flight get cancelled, flight attendants need to stay overnight in a particular destination.

    In such cases, the layover allowance paid to every flight attendants who have face the situation.

    The layover allowance also includes meals as the hotel room is provided by a particular airline company.

    2. Transportation Allowance

    Flight attendants or cabin crew also enjoy the benefits of the monthly transportation allowance.

    And, the transportation allowance amount varies from different airline companies to companies.

    Many airline companies also allow their flight attendants to fly for free during their off-time but most of the travel is stand by and based on the flight occupancy.

    Which means you’ll get bumped from the flight if the flight got full because of the paying customers. 🙁

    3. Night Pay

    There are also flights available that are known as “red-eye flights” and air hostesses working in such conditions get a chance to increase the size of their paycheck.

    Red-eye flights scheduled to depart at night and arrive the next morning to the particular destination.

    Even though there is night pay available for flight attendants, working in red-eye flights might be stressful because of night shifts.

    4. Other perks

    There are also some additional perks available in this job profile that you may find attractive.

    Such addon perks include:

    • Free flights or discounted airfares
    • Health benefits like medical and dental care
    • Discounts in hotels, airport shops & beauty centres etc.

    Air Hostess Salary By Experience In India

    Like I told you before if you’re working as a flight attendant then your salary will grow as more and more time you spend in that airline company.

    Which means if you have just started out with the cabin crew career, then your salary will be 232% less than the person who is in the crew for more than 10 years.


    Check out the table below:

    Note: The mentioned salary in the table also includes tips, bonus, & overtime pay.

    Job TitleExperienceSalary (per month)Salary (per annum)
    Entry-level Flight AttendantLess than 1 year₹33,000₹4 lakhs
    Early-Career Flight Attendant1 to 4 years₹41,000₹4.9 lakhs
    Mid-Career Flight Attendant5 to 9 years₹63,000₹7.6 lakhs
    Experienced Flight Attendant10 to 19 years₹83,000₹10 lakhs

    1. Entry-Level Flight Attendant

    When you just begin your career in cabin crew and finally becomes an air hostess, you’re an entry-level flight attendant… basically a fresher or beginner.

    In technical terms, an entry-level flight attendant means candidate having less than 1 year of experience in the cabin crew job profile.

    The average salary of an entry-level flight attendant in India is between ₹25,000 to ₹33,000 per month i.e approx. ₹3 lakhs to ₹4 lakhs per annum.

    2. Early-Career Flight Attendant

    After serving passengers and enhancing their flying experience for more than 1 year, you’ll then achieve the job title of the early-career flight attendant.

    An early-career flight attendant means you are working as an air hostess from more than 1 year but less than 4 years.

    The average salary of an early-career flight attendant in India is between ₹33,000 to ₹41,000 per month i.e approx. ₹4 lakhs to ₹4.9 lakhs per annum.

    3. Mid-Career Flight Attendant

    Mid-career is the job title that you’ll get when you stick with this job profile for around 4 years to 9 years.

    At that time you’ll be earning a decent salary from this career option and also you’ll be able to guide other entry-level flight attendants on the board.

    The average salary of a mid-career flight attendant in India is between ₹41,000 to ₹63,000 per month i.e approx. ₹4.9 lakhs to ₹7.6 lakhs per annum.

    4. Experienced Flight Attendant

    It will take huge time for you to become an experienced flight attendant…. but Yes, the salary package will also be very lucrative.

    Air hostesses who finally complete more than 10 years in the particular airline company are known as experienced flight attendants.

    The average salary of an experienced flight attendant in India is between ₹63,000 to ₹83,000 per month i.e approx. ₹7.6 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs per annum.

    Air Hostess Salary By Top Recruiters In India

    You might be aware about some of the popular airline companies in India. Right?

    But, all you need to care about that different airline companies carries different salary packages for cabin crew jobs.

    Here’s the list of some major airline companies in India along with their decided starting salary packages for an entry-level air hostess.

    Company NameSalary (per month)Salary (per annum)
    IndiGo₹33,000₹4 lakhs
    Air India₹22,000₹2.6 lakhs
    SpiceJet₹26,000₹3.1 lakhs
    GoAir₹32,000₹3.8 lakhs
    AirAsia India₹20,000₹2.4 lakhs
    Vistara₹24,000₹2.8 lakhs
    Air India Express₹22,000₹2.6 lakhs

    Air Hostess Salary By Top Locations In India

    Just like air hostess salary package varies from major airline companies to companies… similarly, it varies from different places to places in India.

    This is also one of the major factors that determine overall salary package of the flight attendant in India.

    Here’s the table including that data.

    LocationSalary (per month)Salary (per annum)
    Delhi, Delhi₹26,000₹3.1 lakhs
    Kolkata, West Bengal₹25,000₹3 lakhs
    Mumbai, Maharashtra₹29,500₹3.5 lakhs
    Bengaluru₹25,500₹3 lakhs
    Chennai₹32,500₹3.9 lakhs

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is the salary of air hostess per month?

    The average per month salary of an air hostess or flight attendant in India is around ₹41,000 that will be approx. ₹5 lakhs per annum.

    2. What is the starting salary of an air hostess in India?

    The starting salary of an air hostess or flight attendant in India is somewhere close to ₹25,000 per month i.e approx. ₹3 lakhs per annum.

    3. What airline pays the most for flight attendants?

    In India, IndiGo & Air India airlines pay comparatively higher salary packages than other airline companies to their flight attendants.

    4. Do flight attendants fly free?

    Yes, many airline companies allow their flight attendants to fly for free during their off-time but most of the travel is stand by and based on the flight occupancy.

    5. Is air hostess a government job?

    It depends, If you’re working in government airlines department like Air India Airlines, then it will be considered a government job otherwise you are a private employee.

    Now It’s Your Turn

    So, that’s it for my comprehensive article to air hostess or flight attendant salary in India.

    Now I’d like to hear your opinions about this post.

    Tell me whether these details gonna benefit you or you’re looking it for your bestie?

    Or maybe you might have any other questions.

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