Animation Courses: The Complete List, Scope, Jobs & Salary

Animation Courses

This is the most perfect guide to animation courses in India.

In this post, I’m going to show you the A to Z list of best 2d & 3d animation courses that are available in India.

I’ll also gonna be talking about some most popular institutes and online courses that you can do by sitting at your favourite place.

In short, if you are looking out for complete information on animation then you will love this guide.

Let’s dive right in.


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    Table Of Contents

    What Is Animation?

    According to Wikipedia, the animation is a method in which figures are manipulated to appear as moving images.

    Animation courses are short term or long term pieces of training that help candidate acquire in-depth animation knowledge & secure job.

    In India, animation courses are divided into 3 formats (certificate courses, diploma courses & post-graduation courses).

    Hence, Animation Certificate Courses, Animation Diploma Courses & Animation Bachelor’s Degree Courses are best for doing animation in India.

    Qualifications Required To Do Animation Courses

    1. Certificate Courses – To become eligible for animation certificate courses you need to pass 10th standard. The duration of the animation certificate courses is between 3 to 6 months depending on the institutes.

    2. Diploma Courses – You need to pass 12th standard from any stream (arts, commerce or science) to become eligible for animation diploma courses. The duration of the animation diploma courses is between 6 months to 2 years.

    3. Bachelor’s Degree Courses – You need to pass 12th standard from any stream to become eligible for animation bachelor’s degree courses. Some institutes may require you to secure at least 50% marks in order to get admission. The duration of the animation post-graduation courses is 3 years.

    Animation Courses After 10th Standard (SSC)

    There are so many options available for students when it comes to become an animator after completing their HSC (10+2).

    But, what about those candidates who wish to take animation courses right after completing the 10th standard.

    Here’s the deal:

    Animation CERTIFICATE Courses !!

    But, these options have one downside?

    Certificate courses only cover basic things in their syllabus and they only lasts for max to max 6 months.

    In short, it’s impossible for you to become a good animator within 3 to 6 months of training.

    Also, most of the companies prefer diploma courses over just a certificate course.

    If we move our focus to the positive edge then these courses are good for getting started. 🙂

    List Of Animation Certificate Courses In 2020

    Note: The average fees for doing animation certificate courses in India is around ₹15,000 to ₹30,000.

    Course NameType Of CourseCourse Duration
    Certificate in 2D AnimationCertificate Course3 to 6 months
    Certificate in 3D AnimationCertificate Course3 to 6 months
    Certificate in CG ArtsCertificate Course3 to 6 months
    Certificate in Editing, Mixing and Post Production WorksCertificate Course6 months
    Certificate in VFXCertificate Course3 to 6 months

    Animation Courses After 12th (HSC)

    10+2 qualification is a goldmine that you’ll required to get access to some cool animation diploma courses.

    Diploma animation courses are the great way to extend your knowledge and gain in-depth overview of how things work in the 2D & 3D animation world.

    If you don’t have time or simply don’t want to go for animation post graduation courses then you then diploma animation courses are totally suitable for you.

    Diploma courses lasts for 6 to 12 months and they are packed with comprehensive curriculum.

    Diploma courses also carry a bonus benefit.

    Most of the companies hire candidates who have done with their diploma from a good institute rather than just a certificate course.

    Below I’ve put together more than 20+ animation diploma courses.

    Read on…

    List Of Animation Diploma Courses in 2020

    Note: The average fees for doing animation diploma courses in India is around ₹50,000 to ₹1.5 lakh.

    Course NameType Of CourseCourse Duration
    Diploma in 2D AnimationDiploma Course1 year
    Diploma in 3D AnimationDiploma Course1 year
    Diploma in Animation and FilmmakingDiploma Course1 to 2 years
    Diploma in Animation and VFXDiploma Course1 year
    Diploma in Animation, Video Editing and Post Production workDiploma Course1 to 2 years
    Diploma in CG AnimationDiploma Course6 months
    Diploma in Digital AnimationDiploma Course1 year
    Diploma in VFXDiploma Course6 months

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    Animation Courses After Graduation (Post Graduation)

    Post graduation courses are perfect for those candidates who want to become a pro in this job profile.

    These types of courses are intentionally created to provide A to Z (advance) knowledge of animation in India.

    If you are really passionate about becoming an animator then I highly recommend you to go with such type of courses.

    Also, remember that…

    …After graduation courses lasts for maximum of 3 years & you’ll get more job opportunities as compared to diploma or certificate courses.

    Here’s the complete list of animation post graduation courses that are available in India.

    List Of Animation Post Graduation Courses in 2020

    Note: The average fees for doing animation post-graduation courses in India is around ₹1.5 lakh to ₹4.5 lakhs.

    Course NameType Of CourseCourse Duration
    B.Sc. in Animation & MultimediaBachelor’s Degree3 years
    B.Sc. in Animation and GamingBachelor’s Degree3 years
    B.Sc. in Animation and VFXBachelor’s Degree3 years
    BA in Animation & MultimediaBachelor’s Degree3 years
    BA in Animation and CG ArtsBachelor’s Degree3 years
    BA in Animation and Graphic DesignBachelor’s Degree3 years
    BA in Digital Filmmaking and AnimationBachelor’s Degree3 years
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Graphics, and Web DesignBachelor’s Degree3 years

    5 Best Animation Courses To Learn Online

    There are plenty of amazing courses that are available online for affordable pricing that you can buy to enhance your skill.

    The best part about online courses is that you can watch them according to your own convenience & re-watch as much as you want.

    Another benefit.

    There is no eligibility criteria for doing online courses a person of any age can hone his/her skill by taking online course.

    Although there are many e-learning platforms available i mostly prefer Udemy for online learning.

    So, I have put together some robust animation courses that covers basic to advance modules. 🙂

    1. Cinematography For 2D Animation Essentials

    Cinematography for 2D animation essentials course intro video screenshot

    Cinematography plays a vital role in animation.

    It improves shots and make the audience feel something while watching the animation.

    This is a complete beginners friendly course and perfect for animators who want to learn the basics of cinematography.

    Within 30 mins you’ll learn frame compositions including rule of thirds, camera angles, blocking your characters, dialogue coverage, panning and tilting in 2D, camera movements & parallax.

    2. Maya For Beginners: Complete Guide To 3D Animation In Maya

    Maya for beginners course intro video screenshot

    Video School Online Inc is offering by far the best online animation course on Udemy.

    The instructor “Lucas Ridley” walks you through the 3D animation concepts from scratch.

    So, if you’re complete beginner and also want some intermediate training then this course is perfectly suitable for you.

    In this course, you will learn how to model your own objects and scenes along with creating proper UVs, texturing your objects, animating with keyframes, motion graphics animation toolkit etc.

    3. Videoscribe Whiteboard Animations: The Complete Guide

    Videoscribe whiteboard animations course intro video screenshot

    People are loving whiteboard animations !! It’s popularity is growing rapidly.

    Videoscribe is one of the best tool that has been used widely in order to create engaging whiteboard animation videos.

    Whiteboard animation videos can bring powerful impact if you are a youtuber, freelancer, artist or an online course creater.

    This comprehensive online training is a one-stop solution for learning Sparkol Videoscribe software, creating whiteboard animations from scratch, incorporating music into your animations etc.

    course offers

    4. Learn 3D Animation: The Ultimate Blender Guide

    Learn 3D animation course intro video screenshot

    Alex have its online training program named “Learn 3D Animation: The Ultimate Blender Guide” with more than 23,000 students already enrolled.

    Alex is 3D artist and is working with 3D graphics for the last 8 years.

    You’ll definitely fall in love with this training…this ultimate blender guide covers all the fundamentals of 3D and animation & it’ll also guide you to make your very First Cartoon Character (step by step).

    You will learn by working through projects that will help you to master the art of 3D. 🙂

    5. The Ultimate 2D Game Character Design & Animation Course

    The ultimate 2D game character design & animation course intro video screenshot

    A great animation course for game lovers.

    Design, build or animate you own character for a 2D game with this step by step online training program.

    All you required is some basic drawing skills and access to free or premium version of Photoshop application.

    Over the 5 chapters you’ll learn Photoshop basics, the design process, building your character assests, animation cycles and much more.

    In short, if you want know how to design and animate characters then you’ll love this online course.

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    Top Institutes/Colleges For Doing Animation

    Animation courses are offered by many institutes in India…but there are some popular names of institutes whose names I heard more frequently than any other institutes.

    So, I decided to create a list of those popular colleges in India so that it will become easier for you to research about those colleges.

    I know I’ve even missed so many popular names so do not rely on this single list of top 10 animation institutes.

    Feel free to research more on those colleges and choose the best as per your own convenience.

    Here’s the list. 🙂

    Name Of The InstituteLocation
    VIT UniversityVellore
    Maya Academy of Advanced CinematicsMumbai
    Global Institute of Gaming and AnimationChennai
    Zee Institute Of Creative ArtsNew Delhi & Cochin
    Apeejay Institute Of DesignSouth Delhi
    Indian Institute Of Digital Art And AnimationKolkata
    Whistling Woods InternationalMumbai
    Andhra Loyola CollegeVijayawada
    National Institute of Film and Fine ArtsKolkata
    Indian Institute of Film and AnimationBangalore

    Job Options, Scope And Salary Offered

    In this section, we’ll gonna be talking about the types of job opportunities, the future scope & salary package that you get after you complete honing of your skills.

    Read on…

    Career Options After Doing Animation

    Dozens of job profile and options you will get as soon as you become a profession animator in India.

    Remember, every job profile have its own base of skill set required…so I highly recommend you to make your plans before and then choose you institute and course accordingly.

    In the list below, I have put together some most relevant job profiles where you can directly apply to as soon as you secure your certificate from recognised institute.

    Here you go…

    • 2D Animator
    • 3D Animator
    • Character Animator
    • Compositor
    • Digital Ink & Paint Artist
    • Image Editor
    • Key Frame Animator
    • Lightning Artist
    • Ridding Artist
    • Special Effect Artist
    • Texture Artist

    Career Scope After Doing Animation

    People of every age was already loving animated movies, will love animated movies and will continue loving it till the end.

    In simple words, it will never go out of trend.

    As the number of film, advertising & gaming industries are continuously rising they are creating dozens of job opportunities for newbie animators.

    Yes, I believe the competition is also rising but you can’t be denied the fact that the same number of job opportunities are also becoming available.

    In fact,

    According to India Education, animation industry have the potential to grow faster than any other industry like an IT (Information Technology) industry.

    India Education says animation industry in India is expected to grow at a pace faster than the IT industry's

    So, there are no doubts that an animation is really a good career option in India.

    And, now it has been confirmed that your dream of becoming an animator in India will become a reality in upcoming years. 🙂

    Average Salary Of An Animator In India

    On average, an animator in India earns around ₹3.3 lakhs per annum that is approx. ₹27,500 per month.

    According to PayScale,

    An entry-level animator with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of ₹297,107 per annum.

    Whereas the salary of an early career animator with 1-4 years of experience is somewhere close to between ₹307,147 per annum.

    Talking about the mid-career animators with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹500,210 per annum.

    An experienced animator with 10-19 years of experience average salary is close to ₹600,000 per annum.

    Late-career animators in India with more than 20 years of experience get an average salary package of ₹16,000,00 per annum.

    Animator salary in India PayScale

    Now It’s Your Turn

    Now I’d like to hear from you:

    Did you get totally satisfied from this comprehensive guide to animation courses in India or not?

    Or maybe you have a question about something that you read.

    Either way, I’d like to hear what you have to say.

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