Best Computer Courses List To Get A Job In 2021 [NEW]

If you want to showcase some additional computer skills in your resume then this best computer courses list is PERFECT for you.

This is the most thorough list of all the best possible computer courses that are available in Indian coaching institutes.

In fact, 

Some of my close friends actually got job proposals from good companies after doing one of their desired courses from this list.

Let’s get started. 🙂

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What Is Computer Training Course?

Computer courses are short term or long term computer training programs designed by computer training professionals to serve, instruct, or educate an individual to acquire necessary computer-related knowledge in a specific field.

Computer courses can be designed to serve requisite knowledge to an aspirant in any field including software, hardware, data management, programming, networking and more.

And, the duration of these courses will totally depend on the nature of a particular computer course…for example – anywhere between 1 month to 3 years.

Types Of Computer Courses

Different students have different career goals and understanding of a computer.

Hence it is useless to spend on an inappropriate computer course without defining your goals and understanding your own capabilities.

For example – I will not say yes to any advanced computer training course if I don’t even know how to start a computer.

So, in this section, we will talk about all the types of computer courses and of course to whom they are suitable.

Let’s begin with the first type.

1. Basic Courses

Basic computer courses are specially designed for those students who:

  • Don’t have basic knowledge of operating a computer
  • Not done schooling
  • Do not want to or didn’t complete any special degree after school or college
  • Want to learn computer in an early stage of education (for eg. Before 10th)

Usually, basic computer courses lasts for 60 to 90 days i.e 2 to 3 months but sometimes it will go beyond 3 months (will vary from institutes to institutes).

So, if you feel you are a complete beginner as soon as you hear the word computer, then computer basic courses should definitely be your first choice.

2. Certification Courses

Certification courses will be a great choice for you if you want to get hired by a company without spending a couple of years doing your graduation.

These courses are also known as short term courses to acquire enough computer knowledge in a specific field.

The best part?

You can enrol of these types of courses right after completing your 10th or 12th standard.

Most probably, computer certification courses duration in many of the training institutes is around 3 to 6 months.

Also, a person holding a certificate of doing any computer course of a specific subject…is more valuable than the one who has just a basic knowledge of computer.

3. Diploma Courses

The diploma computer courses are the most sought computer courses in India.

A diploma computer course in one specific field can easily eat your 6 to 12 months of time in order to make it successfully completed.

Diploma computer courses carry more in-depth syllabus for a particular topic when compared to its short term certificate course…

…although these courses are also a little bit expensive.

The bottom line.

If you can really go a little bit beyond your budget for doing a computer course, simultaneously if you are hungry for learning in-depth topics then you can go with this type.

4. Degree Courses

The next most popular term among teenager aspirants is “Computer degree courses.”

To be honest, if you’re really passionate about the career option that you are choosing then you are free to go for its degree course.

Computer degree courses are designed to provide almost every little knowledge of a particular topic…on the other hand they are expensive too (if done from a really good institute).

Degree courses will last up to 3 years and one pursuing such course will unlock more job opportunities than the person who is settled down with just certificate or diploma course.

Talking about the education qualification requirement…you just need to complete 10+2 and after it, you can secure your admission in your desired computer training institute.

That’s it!

Now, let’s begin with the top computer courses that are in demand.

Best Computer Courses To Do After 10th Class

1. Basic Computer Course (BCC)

With a complete beginner level course curriculum, this course is perfectly suitable for the aspirants who don’t even know the basic features & functions of the computer.

This course is specially designed to give a complete beginner level knowledge to a newbie user like…

  • How to start and turn off the computer
  • How to create document, excel sheet and PowerPoint presentation
  • Different ways to surf the internet on the computer
  • And, other basic things like creating and sending emails, networking etc.

Most probably this basic computer course will not last for more than 6 months in any other training institutes.

The bottom line.

You can blindly enrol for this course if you want to be more confident while operating a laptop or desktop.

2. Computer Programming Certification Course

Love coding? Or want to learn how to make softwares, applications etc…then this course is made for you.

In this course, you will learn most of the popular programming languages such as c++, c#, python, java and many more.

Not only software and application development but you can even make your career in hacking if you are interested by choosing this computer course. 🙂

You can choose to begin with certification courses on basic programming languages like c++ or c#.

It will take approximately 3 to 6 months for you to learn a single programming language.

If I want to wrap it nicely then I will say do not be afraid to enrol for this course if you love computer programming languages.

3. Course On Computer Concept (CCC)

CCC is the best practical oriented computer course for after 10th class students.

This course is somewhat similar to the basic computer course but you can say it is just an advanced version of it.

The CCC course is approved by the government and it is specially created to spread digital legacy in the country.

The total duration of this course is about 80 hours which will include 25 hours theory, 5 hours tutorials and 50 hours practicals.

In this course you’ll learn.

All the basics of the computer & after completion of this course you will be able to use the computer for basic purposes like preparing personal/business letters, finding information on the internet, sending and receiving emails, maintaining accounts, etc.

4. Diploma In Computer Science & Engineering

Start your journey in the computer field by taking a diploma in computer science & engineering.

The best part about this course is you do not need to wait until you finish off with your 10+2.

Obviously, you can do this course after 12th…but if you start it early (after 10th) then it will become even better for you.

This course will last for 3 years and here’s what you will learn in this course.

1. Computer fundamentals and basics.

2. Some well-known programming languages like C++, java, many more.

3. Networking and web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Php, etc.

4. Software as well as application development.

The short answer. Join this course if you have 10x interest than other people in learning about. computers.

5. Animation & VFX

Video game industries, animation studios, film production houses, television industries etc are looking for good animators in India.

Nowadays people prefer animation or video content over just text content…hence, the demand for animators are increasing rapidly.

Animation makes every concept easier to understand, so if you want to begin your journey as an animator then you should definitely try the following courses below.

  1. Diploma in Animation & VFX
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Animation & VFX

The bottom line?

Both courses are good to start out the journey.

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Best Computer Courses To Do After 12th Class

1. Web Designing & Development

It doesn’t matter whether today’s businesses or brands in India are big, small, popular, unpopular etc. Everybody wants to take their business online.

And, the only way to make it happen is by purchasing a good domain & hosting and start creating your own website.


When it comes to actually starting creating your own website, it is a very time consuming process and a huge pain in the head especially if you’re not so familiar with technical things or coding.

That’s the reason web designers and web developers are in extreme demand.

My recommendations?

Certification or diploma courses in web designing or web development will be a nice starting point for you.

2. Diploma In Computer Application (DCA)

Basic or beginners friendly computer course for 10+2 students is here!!

Diploma in computer application is a well-known computer course in which you can learn all the fundamentals and basics of computer including solving various computer issues, installing operating systems etc.

It is one of the best short term courses that you can do after 12th…and the duration of this course in India is between 6 to 12 months.

You can easily enrol for this course in any private computer training institutes in India. Also, you will get a certificate after completion of this course.

What’s the benefit?

The certificate will increase your possibilities of getting jobs in well-known reputed companies for lower or upper lower level posts.

3. Data Entry Operator Course

If you are in urgent need for a job or want to work as a data entry operator right after completion of any computer course then, Data Entry Operator Course is right for you.

This is the most basic course available for 12th class students who don’t want to dig deeper into more advanced computer or IT concepts.

After completion of this course you can easily apply for an entry-level typing or data entry job in private or government companies.

It’s best suitable for you if you’re planning to earn side income via a part time job while doing your higher studies.

Data entry operator courses typically don’t last for more than 6 months in most of the coaching institutes in India.

But still, the duration of this computer course will vary from institutes to institutes.

4. Android Application Development Course

Finally, a computer course which is dedicatedly designed for developing android applications.

In this course, you will learn about java, mandatory Android app development tools, database creation etc.

This course even has a bonus benefit. After completion of this course you can either work for an IT company as an android app developer…


You can develop your own app by sitting at home.

Also, you will get a certificate which will act as a proof for IT companies that you know how to develop an android application.

Taking about the duration, these types of certification courses usually last for 6 months. Although sometimes they can even take 12 months (vary from institutes to institutes).

5. Ethical Hacking Course

This is another dedicated certification course for 12th class students who are interested in learning ethical hacking.

Of course you should not remain stuck at one place after completing the only certification course.

Higher studies like ethical hacking degree courses will be completely suitable for you if you aim for doing mastery in hacking.

This certification course is for all those newbie aspirants who don’t know basic concepts of hacking and desire to learn small or simple hacking attacks.

In other words, if you want to learn initial hacking concepts then you can rely on this particular computer hacking course.

In India, Ethical hacking courses are available at reasonable price points in many of the private coaching institutes.

Or, simply you can Google “best coaching institutes to learn ethical hacking” and choose the one from the mentioned list.

Best Computer Courses To Do After Graduation

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is my personal favourite course after graduation.

Nearly 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020, which is 59% of the global population.

The reason?

Especially, if you are from a marketing background or have your own business then this course is goldmine.

In fact, I’m a digital marketer by profession and trust me I’m enjoying each and every concepts that are involved in Digital Marketing.

Here’s what the complete package of Digital Marketing course includes.

1. Social Media Marketing

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Email Marketing

5. Fb, Instagram, Twitter Ads

6. Many more.

2. Master Of Science (M.Sc.)

M.Sc. programmes related to computer science are very valuable and carry an in-depth curriculum which makes this course totally robust for candidates who have completed their graduation.

Some of the great M.Sc programmes related to computer science are M.Sc. in Computer Science, IT Security, Networking Technology, Software Engineering, Hardware & Networking, Ethical Hacking, Data Security & Cyber Forensics.

The duration of this course is 2 years and you may find this course offered by various government and self financed colleges in India.


The relevant bachelor’s degree programmes such as B.Tech, BCA, B.SC. etc are required to become eligible to pursue this awesome course.

3. Master Of Computer Application (MCA)

Another awesome master level computer course for graduated aspirants is Master of Computer Application.

It is a 3-year professional programme in which you’ll learn to design & build complex commercial application software and system software.

If you have more than 4 years of experience in the IT industry and if you have completed any one of the courses such as BCA, BIT, BE/B.Tech/AMIE/B.Sc(C.Sc)/B.Sc (IT)…

…then you are eligible to pursue the Master of Computer Application course.

The maximum duration this course will take to get finished is 6 years and the minimum is 3 years in any private or government institutes.

Talking about the syllabus ‘this course is made up of 6 syllabus’.

4. Graphic Design

Have a creative mindset? Simply, go for graphic design courses after graduation.

Graphic designing is all about moulding the user experience visually by creating visual content to communicate messages in a professional way.

With an on-going trend of Digital Marketing or specifically, Social Media Marketing…majority of good brands and companies want to hire individuals with good creative skills to create eye-catching infographics for their marketing campaign.

In addition to on-going trends, website owners also demand for attractive page layout techniques & decent typography that represent their brand identity.

Also, as soon as you build your strong portfolio and workout with some networking, you can even do freelancing for your clients and start earning a good amount of money from your skill.

5. M.E. Or M.Tech.

Master of Engineering & Master of Technology both are advanced level engineering programmes with almost similar syllabus.

These two courses are suitable for those students who are familiar with relevant bachelor’s degree programmes in the past.

Here’s an example – You must have completed B.E. or B.Tech. in order to pursue M.E. or M.Tech. respectively.

Master of Engineering or Master of Technology programmes which are related to CS are very popular among the majority of graduate students.

Here’s the list of some of them.

M.Tech. in Programming

  • M.Tech. in Cyber Security
  • M.Tech. in Data Science
  • M.Tech. in Privacy Engineering
  • M.Tech. in Data Security
  • M.Tech. in Cyber Forensics
  • M.Tech. in Software Engineering
  • M.Tech. in IT Engineering

The duration of these two courses is about 2 years


Now, you have it! My job oriented list of best computer courses.

In fact, many of them you can do it for FREE by making use of online platforms like YouTube, Udemy, Coursera etc.

The only disadvantage is…when you don’t have proper resources like relevant softwares or a good computer.

BTW, are you a complete beginner? Or you might be already familiar with advanced computer courses.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below. 🙂

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