Top 10 Genuine Copy Paste Job Sites In India

Copy-paste or data entry types of jobs are one of India’s most preferable & most sought jobs.

The reason?

These types of jobs require no special kind of knowledge or degree from top colleges & anyone can do it.

But, the sad reality is that an uncountable number of fake websites spread all over the internet in which many innocent people are getting trapped.

So, in this post, I have listed down some of the most legitimate & best copy paste job sites in India.

Read on… 🙂

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List Of Top 10 Copy Paste Job Sites In India

Site NameDetails
Google CareersOne of the most trusted & genuine sites to find any type of job is Google Careers.
LinkedIn JobsLinkedIn Jobs is another trusty worthy website to find thousands of copy-paste jobs.
UpWorkUpWork is a freelancing site in which you can provide your own service or apply for any type of job.
FiverrFiverr is a close alternative to UpWork, you can use this platform to find your desired job.
WorkIndiaWorkIndia is my personal favourite site to find jobs because I got so many job proposals from this platform.
GuruGuru is another cool website to get jobs if you are not getting good responses from other websites.
FreelancerFreelancer is again very similar to both UpWork & Fiverr…you can make use of this portal also.
PeoplePerHourPeoplePerHour is again one of the best places to get jobs if you’re looking for one.
ClickIndiaClickIndia is also one of the best classified websites to find & apply for your next job.
FlexJobsIf you want some good results & responses while searching for a new job then FlexJobs is good.

Top 10 Copy Paste Job Sites In India

1. Google Careers

So, the first name on the list is Google Careers…and I don’t think I need to make any effort to make you understand how genuine this platform is.


In other words, if you want to search for any type of job then simply head over to this platform, enter the role & location and hit that search button.

Finally, expand any one of the results & you can get a button to apply for that particular job.

You can trust this platform because it directly fetches results from India’s most popular job portals like Naukri, Waah Jobs, Quikr etc.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is another most trusted social media platform & free job portal available in India.

You can find thousands of legitimate recruiters offering data entry or copy paste types of jobs on this platform.

All you need to do is, just head over to LinkedIn Jobs & search for your desired jobs that’s it.

You may get an unlimited number of results for your search query…so filter it according to your need & apply.

3. UpWork

UpWork is a popular freelancing website in which you can either look for any services or provide your service to make money.

In this platform, you’ll find thousands of people looking for a freelancer who might be ready to handle their data entry work.

In my experience, you can easily make Rs.350 to Rs.500 per hour if you are proficient in your work & willing to give your 100%.

So, I highly recommend you to create an account on this platform ASAP if you’re in urgent need of copy paste types of jobs to do.

4. Fiverr

This platform is an alternative or you can say…it is similar to UpWork.

On Fiverr, you need to create your gig to get work proposals from clients…make sure all the important details must be presented well in your gig.

You can even tell your friends to share your gig to increase the chances of getting a good copy-paste job for you.

The bottom line?

Do not expect results immediately after creating your account on Fiverr, but with some tips and hard work you can even get an unlimited number of work proposals from local or abroad clients.

5. WorkIndia

I love WorkIndia to search for a new job for a reason.

The reason?

I recently got a new job in my desired field from this awesome platform…especially when I got tired of searching on other job portals.

And, while searching for a new job I got many recommendations among which many were copy paste types of jobs.

In other words, I highly recommend you to try this platform once if things are not working fine for you on any other job finding platforms.

6. Guru is another worthy site to post & find lucrative job opportunities.

Anyone including an employer or a freelancer can post a job without paying any amount on this platform.

The same rules will apply to a person searching for a new job or applying for a specific job that he/she has chosen on this platform.

So, do not hesitate to register yourself on this portal & to search for your next data entry or copy-paste job.

7. Freelancer

The website name says it all…this platform is also dedicatedly created for people to show off their skillset & earn some money with the help of their skills.

Freelancer is a Sydney based company founded in the year 2009…is one of the most popular outsourcing marketplaces worldwide.

If you want an alternate or similar site to Fiverr or UpWork then this is the right platform to choose for searching or posting a new job.

As per my experience on this platform…you can get thousands of copy-paste or data entry types of jobs from this platform.

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is one more awesome website present on the internet for freelancers.

On this platform, you’ll get a good number of jobs that you are looking for making a side income.

The only downside of this platform is that you’ll only get 15 proposals per month with a free account.

Although you can increase that number by purchasing more credits, I recommend you not to spend anything.

So, try to make your profile looks better by adding the recommended details that this platform suggests to you.

9. ClickIndia

If you want the best classified site where you can easily find dozens of genuine copy paste jobs then ClickIndia is a perfect platform for you.

Just head over to the jobs section on this platform & you’ll find a link to the copy-paste jobs section where you can explore a bunch of these types of jobs.


Don’t forget to verify the advertiser before you apply or start the job on ClickIndia.

10. FlexJobs

Flexjobs is one of the best platforms to find remote jobs, full-time & part-time jobs, freelance jobs in trusted companies.

Now, this platform should be your last choice especially if you’re searching for copy-paste types of jobs.


The reason is simple, it is a premium platform and you need to take a paid subscription to apply for your desired job that you might find on this platform in the future.

Talking about the pricing, the plan starts from $14.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is copy paste work genuine?

To be honest, in 90% of cases you’ll face recruiters who will either show you fake dreams or ask to you pay money for the registration. So, always take care while applying for such types of jobs.

2. Do copy paste jobs pays?

Yes, copy paste jobs will pay you well…but only if you find a genuine one!

3. What is the shortcut for copy and paste?

To copy you can press Ctrl+C & to paste you can press Ctrl+V.

4. Which is the best site for online data entry jobs?

All the websites that I have shared in this article are genuine & best for finding copy-paste or data entry types of jobs.

5. How can a beginner make money online?

Online selling, dropshipping, freelancing, blogging are some of the coolest ways to make money online for beginners.


So, that’s it for my top 10 list of genuine copy paste sites in India.

The fact is you might find some fraud people offering fake jobs on any of these platforms…but this doesn’t mean the whole platform is thrash.

So, all you need to do is…right research & be 100% sure and then apply for the job.

Now, I’d like to hear from you…

…which website from this list are you gonna try first.

Also, if you have any questions then feel comfortable asking them in the comment section below. 🙂

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