Top 10 Best Part-Time Jobs That Can Make You Rich

Are you looking for a side hustle job that you can work on top of your full-time job?

Well, in this article, I’ve put together some of the best part-time jobs that have enough potential to make you rich.

In short, if you are looking for some best part-time jobs that you can do side by side after completing your primary work then you’ll love this post.

Let’s get started. 🙂

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List Of Top 10 Best Part-Time Jobs

Job NameDetails
TelecallerIf you have good communication skills then you can choose telecalling as a part-time job.
Street Food SellerOne of the most underrated jobs that you can choose to do is street food selling.
Motorcycle DriverHelping passengers to reach their desired destination is another great way to earn money side by side.
Real Estate AgentYou can help people to buy, sell & rent homes by becoming a real estate agent.
Personal TrainerIf you have expertise in any field then you can choose to become a personal trainer to train people.
ConsultantA consultant is one who provides professional or expert advice in a particular field.
Data Entry OperatorData entry operator is one of the most sought & popular jobs in this world.
Graphics DesignerGraphics designing require tough skills but is also a trustful way to build a side income stream.
Video EditorVideo editing is another lucrative part-time job idea that you can think to implement in future.
BabysitterIf you love to spend time with children’s then I highly recommend you to think about this job option.

Top 10 Best Part-Time Jobs

1. Telecaller

Telecalling is one of the most common jobs that you can choose to do side by side.

Such types of jobs are easily available on various job portals & they pay well.

The only downside of being a telecaller is…there will be enough working pressure & negative people that might ruin your remaining time.

In other words, if you are ready to deal with such obstacles then you can blindly go with telecalling as a part-time job.

2. Street Food Seller

Selling eating stuff nearby your locality or in a good area can also be one’s great source of income.

Never underestimate the power of street food selling especially if you know how to cook popular food items like burgers, pizzas, french fries, momos etc.

You can start with renting a small place to set up your stall & offer your eating stuff to people.

Remember, if you want to succeed in this side business then you need to be extremely careful while preparing food items & keeping your place hygienic. 

3. Motorcycle Driver

International & local ride-hailing service providers like Uber & Rapido have opened the door to create a great source of income by using their applications.

If you have a motorcycle, then I recommend you to check out this opportunity ASAP…where you can register yourself as a driver & provide services to others.

To be honest, I have no idea how much you can earn per day with the help of this part-time work option…but I recently met my old school who was into this thing.

And, I got shocked after he told me that he was earning approx. Rs.15 to 20k per month with this opportunity.

4. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help people to buy, sell & rent homes…

…and, becoming a real estate agent is another great way to earn a huge amount of money along with your full-time job.

If you have zero expertise in this field then you can invest in a good online course that can teach you some requisite skills.

But, if you know how things work in this field then you should think about taking this job as a side hustle.

5. Personal Trainer

Another lucrative part-time job option is becoming a personal trainer or coach. 

To become a personal trainer you must be good at something or have complete knowledge of at least one skill that you have acquired.


You can monetize almost any skill by becoming a personal trainer.

Here’s an example: If you are good at driving a car then you can start teaching it to someone else & charge for it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Simply, figure out your expertise & start working on it.

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6. Consultant

A consultant is again similar to the personal trainer, the only difference is you will be guiding someone with your words instead of holding a finger & teach him/her to walk.

So, if you are good at giving advice then you can choose a good niche & start providing consultation services in your free time.

Here’s an example:

Let say I have started one business with less investment & achieved massive success in it…now I can easily guide & help people to grow their businesses through my consultation.

7. Data Entry Operator

Data entry operator is a perfect part-time job option for those who just wanted to sit in front of a computer & do their job.

Data entry is a type of computer work in which you are responsible for entering information into a database or documentation platform.

Talking about the output, the average salary of a data entry operator in India is around Rs.10 to 15k per month.

Pretty cool right?

8. Graphics Designer

Another skill-based online job in our list of best part-time jobs in India is graphics designing.

Graphics designing requires you to have some good skills like creativity, imagination, etc as well as the knowledge of popular photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw.

In short…first, you need to invest a little bit in yourself if you want to start your journey as a graphics designer in India.

9. Video Editor

If you want to showcase your creativity by rendering & producing a video then video editing is perfect for you.

It is one of the most demanded skills by people from freelancers all over the world.

Because nowadays everyone desire to become a YouTuber…the demand for video editors are increasing day by day.

In other words, you should acquire video editing skills if you want to start something on your own as soon as possible.

10. Babysitter

Love towards children is great!

And, now you can even get paid for loving & taking care of another person’s children by doing babysitting.

You just need to spend an evening or an afternoon at someone’s house, playing with or caring for kids while their parents are away.

So, choosing this idea to earn a good amount of money side by side can be a million dollars decision. Right?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the highest paying part-time jobs?

Bank teller, Bartender, Tour guide, Bookkeeper, Personal Trainer are some of the highest paying part-time jobs.

2. What is the easiest job that pays the most?

House sitter, Librarian, Dog walker, Park ranger, Ice cream tester are some of the easiest jobs that pay well.

3. Which work is best for part-time?

All the work ideas that I have mentioned in this article are best for part-time…so, go through the full article. 🙂

4. What is the best online part-time job?

If we talked about online work then becoming a Youtuber can be a very rich option for you. There are countless opportunities available for all the Youtuber’s in terms of earning money, fame & learning new things.

5. What job pays 100 an hour without a degree?

Jobs such as tattoo artist, massage therapist, life coach, photographer, and orthodontist can easily help you to achieve your target of earning Rs.100 an hour.


So, that’s it for my top 10 list of best part-time jobs.

I hope you have got enough part-time job ideas from this piece of content.

Now, I’d like to hear from you…

…which part-time job option from this list are you going to try first.

Is it graphics designing or you might want to become a real estate agent?

Either way, let me know in the comments section below. 🙂

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