Fake Friends

Fake Friends: The Definitive Guide (2020)

This is the most comprehensive guide to identify Fake Friends in your life on the planet.

The awesome part?

I’m going to show you techniques for finding out the real face behind the actual face your best friends are currently showing to you.

In short: If you want to get rid of or want to deal with all the fake people in your life, you’ll love this guide.

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Now, let’s get started.

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Fake Friends (The Faces Of Toxic People)

Fake friends or toxic friends are those hurdles in your life that stop you from going into the category of 1% of people who are rich, successful, and financially free.

The wrong types of friends will never allow you to work on yourself and will always distract you from your targets in life.

The overall goal of such friends is to steal achievements and publicity of other person and simultaneously break his/her confidence level so that the person will never stand up again to compete with them.

That’s said:

“An honest enemy is always better than a friend who lies.”

But at this point, I have one bad news and one good news for you.

The bad one: Such fake people are very good actors and it might become very difficult for you to identify them with your naked eyes.

And, if you failed to throw such kind of friends outside of your life, then these people will take no time to spoil your remaining life.

The good news: Unlike the bad one, you can easily recognize a liar in your friend circle with the help of the section below. 😉

Also, I’ve written a comprehensive guide to quickly spot a real person from all trash.

Read on !!

Signs Of Fake Friends (Killer Ways)

In this section, I’m giving you the exact ways to figure out the difference between fake friends and true real friends.

Now you do not need to worry because these crucial Signs Of Fake Friends will help you by going out of the way to spot a victim in your whole friend circle.

Let’s dive right in:

1. Lack Of Support, Ideas, And Help

True friendship is when you get full support and dozens of ideas for your upcoming project or task from your partner.

And if you’re lacking into this part from your friends then you can easily say “I’m blessed with some unwanted friends in my life.”

A real friend is the one who finds no excuse to give you the support that you needed.

Even though if your true friends may seriously busy with their own work still such people end up giving you a few genuine ideas to keep you going.

But this scenario will not form with your toxic friends.

Providing you with help is the BIG word for them… in fact, “ask for more help and offer it less” is the only slogan they know.

“Fake people always beg for more and offer very little.”

The funniest part?

Almost all of the false people in your life will promise to give you support and help with full enthusiasm which hardly survives for a couple of minutes.

So, it’s better to pull your expectations down towards them and start walking forward into your own direction alone.

2. Your Success Is Their Weakness

Now, as I already told you that toxic friends do not help… if you want to know the exact reason for their such kind of behaviour then this is the right place your eyes are focusing on.

The correct answer is: They simply hate the steps you take towards your SUCCESS !!

Each that work you ends successfully and which leads you towards your goal, develop a fire of jealousy in the soul of your so-called fake friends.

And for this reason, these toxic people in your life do not offer their support and also manipulate other people who are trying to reach you at that moment.

“Most people want to see you do better, but not doing better than them.”

London Mond

On the other hand, your true friends will always cheer up you and appreciate your efforts and hard work that you’ve implemented to pull your goal closure.

In fact:

A real friend will also try to push you more so that you can get motivated to achieve even more in your further life.

Stay alert… if you find anyone in your friend circle who starts feeling uncomfortable just because you gain something good, then maintain a good distance between him/her from the next time.

3. The Ability Of Getting Disappeared

One of the rookie signs of fake friends is to leave the planet and settle down to mars when you stuck in some kind of trouble.

“Fake friends are no different than shadows, they stick around during your brightest moments, but disappear during your darkest hours.”

The ability to get disappeared when you needed them is the most common trait of unwanted false friends.

Simply, if you just want to spot an unwanted person from your friend’s list then you just need to focus on who’s playing hide and seek with you.

Thankfully, there are some genuine friends available in this world. 😉

You will always find your true friends around you when you will be dealing with some ups and downs in your life.

True friends have no time to play hide and seek and find excuses.

Your genuine friends always stand up for you & they will also do not care about how tough the situation is.

Therefore, it is 100 times better to spend time searching for such genuine people and 1000 times better to move on from all fake people in your life.

4. An Instant Sweetness In The Tone

And… after coming back from a long vacation if your friend suddenly remembered you saying that he/she was lost your number then…

You can blindly say that “yay I finally spot one victim.”

But wait !!

Things do not end here, the real fact is your victim suddenly memorize you just because he/she probably requires something from your side.

“True friends are always there for you. Fake friends only appear when they want something from you.”

So, you need to be stay alert a little bit here… chances are that your toxic friends will not try to show you their hidden intentions at the first call.

Some of the most common traits you can get to see here is an instant sweetness in their talk when they are having a conversation with you.

But YES, one thing is for sure… you’ll never find such type of heart-melting sweetness tone from any other person around. 😀

5. Free Home Delivery Of Bad Habits

All the toxic friends alive are like those salespeople who’ll try to stick an additional product to you when you buy something from them.

Here the product is different but the technique is the same.

A short story for you:

Jason was a very good student and a guy who has got no wrong addiction in it.

After a few months, he met Paul and they became very good friends. Paul was also a very good student but he was very much addicted to porn and night clubs.

Every day paul used to manipulate Jason’s brain by sharing thoughts about his addiction in full excitement.

At first, Jason was very much committed that he will never gonna touch all such kinds of stuff in his whole life.

BUT, after some days… paul’s way of expressing things make Jason break his commitment.


“Fake friends always show you the wrong direction in the correct way.”

Make sure you’re not giving the steering wheel of your life in the hands of such people.

6. Unwanted Gossip Behind Your Back

Another major difference you’ll find between your true friends and fake friends are:

“Fake friends: Once they stop talking to you, they’ll start talking about you.”

Such people are very good at changing their colours and will always talk bad about you when you are not around.

You’ll also get an opportunity to notice that these friends will act differently one on one as compared to when you are surrounded by a group of other friends.

They always ridicule you in front of other people in order to shine their own personality.

On the other side, your true friends will still talk nice things about you even if you were hurt them before.

Here’s one good quality of genuine friends are:

Real friends will definitely mock and tease you in front of you but never ever gonna talk anything wrong about you when you’re missing.

So, it is absolutely worth saying that:

A true friend is nothing less than a person who is rare and hard to find.

And that’s why people used to say… if you have 10 friends… 8 out of them were 99.9% fall in the category of false people.

7. They Will Never Own Their Mistakes

Conflicts, arguments or clashes are the most common things happens in every relationship or friendship.

But just like you can’t clap with one hand… arguments do require mistakes from both sides.

It is not always possible a mistake can only be done by the same person.

So, If you find your friends putting every blame on your shoulder most of the time, then you do not need to follow their friendship anymore.

“For most people, blaming others is a subconscious mechanism for avoiding accountability. In reality, the only thing in your way is YOU.”

Dr. Steve Maraboli

Here are some facts about a true friend:

  • A true friend will honestly commit his/her mistakes in front of you.
  • A true friend will apologize first even without thinking who is wrong.
  • A real friend will give more importance to friendship than conflicts.
  • A real friend will also forgive you if you were the reason for the clash.

8. Your Role Will Judge Your Presence

Ever happened in your life?… Some of your friends have gone for a long journey or a short trip without letting you know about it. If yes !!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It’s a natural scenario that will be created every time when you include such unwanted friends in your life.

The true story is:

Until and unless you yourself isn’t an organizer for an event, you’ll always be excluded from the list.

You’ll never get a chance to hang out if you are not the one who organize and make plans for everything.

“Fake friends hides each that things from you that bring joy in your life.”

Talking about true friends, the scenario will be totally different.

Your true friends will no longer listen to you and always force you to go with them… even though you were not in the mood to go. XD

9. A Secret Will No Longer Be A Secret

If you want your personal stories to be get exposed instantly… you can simply handover it to your all toxic friends.

They can spill your secrets and personal stories to everyone by saying you, they will not.


“Real friends are friends who keep your secrets without revealing them. Fake friends are friends who toy with your emotions and reveal all the secrets you spill to them.”

So, stop yourself from doing this dangerous act of sharing your personal thoughts to those friends on which you do not have so much trust.

Always think twice before sharing anything with your false friends… also, avoid having a personal conversation with them.


There are higher chances that they will make you share every secret to them so that afterwards they will become free to viral it everywhere.

However, you do not require to think so much on this topic when you’re with your real friends. 🙂

Types Of Toxic Friends

So, what you learn from my previous section?… If you read my previous section thoroughly then one thing you might be definitely noticed.

And i.e every fake person is unique in their own way. Therefore I made this section to purely focus on some of the most common kinds or Types Of Fake Friends.

Let’s study them one by one:

1. The Benefit Seekers

The most common type first !! and that’s why I put benefit seekers at the top of my list.

Friends who do friendship just for the sake of their own benefit… I called them benefit seekers or advantage takers.

Almost every fake person in your life will be a benefit seeker who has backed by the intention to squeeze maximum advantage from you.

Such people always try to show you the positive side of their behaviour and try to protect themselves when you notice anything wrong in their personality.

They do not care what you were doing with your life, all they want is to get their job done by your help or support.

“Fake friends are like leeches, they stick to you till they sucked the blood and life out of you.”

These types of fake friends are not that harmful, but can easily eat your precious time by sticking their work on your head.

These types of people usually make use of two strategies to get their work done. (read 2nd and 3rd point for more details)

2. The Complimenters

Just like the title sounds a complimenter fake friend will always give you unwanted compliments for your achievements.

This is basically one strategy used by all the benefit seekers in order to build a path to reach your heart.

Because they already know that you’ll not gonna help them immediately… so they will try to feel you good at the first attempt and then they will play their second move.

That’s why I suggest sticking the below quote in your mind:

“Not every compliment is a sign of praising your achievement.”

Now, I’m not saying you avoid helping people just because they didn’t help you in the past, but I just mean… not to utilize all your energy for the people who don’t even care about you.

As soon as you complete their task, these types of friends will 100% forget your identity like they were didn’t met you before.

There’s no guarantee when such friends will leave you alone, because as I told you these are benefit seekers… and will forget new things when it becomes old.

3. The Sweet Talkers

Another variation of benefit seekers is: “the sweet talkers.”

These types of fake friends will suddenly start behaving nicely to you… not just one on one but also in front of other friends.

The intention will remain the same as we discussed in Type #1 i.e they might be wanted something from you.

And the moment you gonna fulfils there’s wish they will allow you to see their true colours.

“Don’t fall for sweet words, fall for sweet efforts.”

Make sure you do not get stuck in their trap… just smile back, be nice to them and shift your focus to your own work.

When you start ignoring them slowly you’ll start getting a reaction from their side.


Such types of friends are a little bit hard to notice but you can easily deal with them by following the tips I mentioned here.

Pretty cool right? 🙂

4. The Chameleons

Friends who try to hide from me when I need help… I’ve given them a nickname as chameleons.

Chameleons are those types of fake friends, who will take care of not to get in touch with you when you’ll get stuck in some kind of trouble.

Just like chameleons make use of different types of colour to reflect their mood… these people make use of different types of an excuse to get rid of your work.

If you ever noticed in your life then you will definitely be aware of how some friends instantly change their mood… the moment you give them a proposal for your work.

For example:

A happy person will pretend to be getting sad in front of you by sharing his/her imaginary problems when you request some kind of support or help from him/her.

So, the only advice I can give you here is:

“Learn to carry yourself on your own back. People will drop you quicker than they pick you up.”

5. The Gossip Starters

In your life, if you get an opportunity to listen to some fake rumours about you, then do not waste time thinking “who will be the person behind it?”


One thing I can say for sure that: such a job can only be done by gossip starters in your whole group of friends.

Fake friends having such qualities will use to start talking unnecessary things about you when you’ll be not present with them.

You’ll even find such friends talking useless things behind your back and spreading false rumours in your absence.

Still, you do not need to worry about it, because real friends do not believe in rumours… in fact, they will always believe in you.

I’m also giving you a very strong quote that will crush such type of people very badly in your mind.

Here you go:

“People talk behind your back for 3 reasons: When they can’t reach your level, When they don’t have… what you have, and When they try to copy your lifestyle… but can’t.”

6. The Manipulators

Manipulators can disturb your life for sure, first, they will control or influence you in a clever way and then utilize your trust against you.

If somehow they get access to your weakness… these types of friends will use your weak point for their own benefit.

“Be careful who you share your weaknesses with. Some people can’t wait for the opportunity to use them against you.”

If you don’t wanna get controlled by other people then change your personality within a very short period of time.

Become so SMART that you don’t require to take guidance from anybody at any time.

You need to self-controlled… don’t act like a puppet which is owned by someone else.

Fit the below sentence in your mind for a lifetime:

Each person except your parent will always remain a stranger for you till your last breath.

So, stop yourself from going under the influence of an unknown person now !!

7. The Wrong Tutors

The wrong tutors are one of the worst types of friends you’ll ever meet in your life.

If I just want to remove any of the types in this whole list of fake friends from my life… then my first target would be definitely the wrong tutors.”

Why so?

Wrong tutors are those friends who will try to give you the wrong advice for the great things.

They will always show you the wrong way because all they want is you to go in the wrong direction so that you’ll never reach your destination.

Byheart this below saying:

“Some people will misguide you in order to get you eliminated from their competition… Trust yourself and believe in truth.”

Also, do not follow the path too early which is suggested by an unknown person.

Therefore, I will recommend you not to ask everyone the way for your decided targets, research on your own and mine your own gold.

How To Deal With Fake Friends

Finally, the most important and most needed section is here!

I’m going to share with you some robust ways to Deal With Fake Friends in your best life (fast).

In fact, after reading this section you’ll take no time to remove all those thrash people who are currently ruining your life.

Let’s face it:

1. Put A Full Stop On Things You Are Doing For Them

Let’s think in a different way together… If a toxic friend is the one who always wants a favour from other people, what if we simply stop the supply of it?

BINGO !! He/she will slowly start walking in a new direction in order to find his/her new supply for the “Cheese.”

“Fake people are like clouds. When they disappear, the day is much brighter.”

The best way to kick a toxic person out of your life is not giving so much attention to him/her and start ignoring.

Ignoring is one of the best remedies you’ll ever use to deal with any type of fake friends in your life.


If you do not change your attitude towards them and every day you continue saying “YES” to anything they offer… sorry I won’t be able to help you then. 🙁

So, if you really want to get rid of fake friends in your life and want to spend the rest of your life peacefully, then you need to experiment with these hacks on them. 🙂

2. Slowly Lower Down The Frequency Of Engagement

Keep convincing your mind that: Yes you do not require such friends, you can able to walk and achieve everything alone, you can be more powerful without such types of people in your life.

If you are the person who does not like to ignore anyone, then I would suggest you break all connections from your fake friends.

Day by day start lowering down the frequency you used to meet or spend time with such friends before.

“You need to align yourself with people who fit your destiny not your history.”

Distance yourself from people who let you down (fast) so that you can able to recruit more genuine friends for your remaining life.

Fake friends are always craving for attention… when you suddenly stop giving so much importance to those people, they will quickly move on from your life.

Also, you don’t need to worry about all those shitty things they were talking about behind your back. (Discussed more in the next section).

3. Allow Reality To Beat Them In Their Own Game

One more cool trick to handle fake friends is “not to handle them.”


Yes, you read that right… do not interfere, let them do gossip behind your back, let them continue manipulating other people against you.

You don’t look behind, keep your vision straight forward to your goals… you’ll only win this fight if you stay away from all such friends and even from their shadows.

“Karma: No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. Those you hurt you eventually screw up themselves and if you are lucky, God will let you watch.”

Seriously, you don’t need to understand and waste time thinking about the proverb “tit for tat”, that job can be definitely done by someone else.

You just need to mind your own business because:

The choice is all yours… you can either beat a wall hoping to transform it into a door or start moving forward towards the door which is already made for you.

4. Love Yourself And Try To Be Happy All The Time

Your happiness is the only thing that will destroy each and every false person around you immediately… so why not use it.

It is the only weapon available with you in order to face fake friends on the whole journey of your life.

Let them admit… that it is impossible for them to destroy your happiness anymore.


“Living a good life really is the best revenge. Once they acknowledge that they cannot ruin your happiness, they lose their power.”

Don’t believe that happiness depends on any external conditions, if you really want to be happy, then you can even govern it by your mental attitude.

Spending your whole day in a happy mood is a choice that you needed to make.

It is a brutal truth that: Some of your friends will definitely put hurdles in your way… so deal with it first before they start dealing with your happiness.

5. Grab Some Good Ideas From Your Genuine Friends

At last, you can always offer help from your true friends… like I mentioned before, your real friends will always be there to support you in the hard times.

At this stage your best friends can also be your parents, make sure you do not hesitate to offer help from them.

It is always better to get in touch with your parents or with some other trustful person than to suffer alone.

The real fact is that you will not get affected by the activities of your fake friends until and unless if you really want to.

Read and understand the below sayings:

“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them.”

So, If you let what’s happening around you to get inside you… then you’ll definitely gonna sink in the sea of depression and anxiety.

How To Avoid Fake Friends

You have successfully detected fake friends in your life… also, you throw them outside of your life. Pretty Cool!

So, now the question left is what next?

The answer is quite simple… one more thing you just need to know i.e How to avoid making fake friends in the future.

1. Do Not Trust Someone Easily

As far as I know, after doing so much of hard lifting you seriously don’t want to be stuck in this hell for the second time. Right?

Without wasting a single minute, I just wanna tell you that “trusting issue” is one of the factors that can attract fake friends for once again in your life.

If your habit is to trust someone very easily, then I highly recommend you change that habit now !!

“Don’t trust people whose feelings change with time. Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes.”


Sugar and salt both have the same colour but both ingredients have got different tastes in it.

Now, I’m not saying that not to trust anybody but,

At some point, you need to understand that trusting so much will sometimes push you into big trouble.

2. Hire The One Who Deserves

The best thing you can do to avoid fake friends in your life is: Giving access to only a limited number of people who can stay in your life.

Restrict the numbers to lower down the possibilities of coming unwanted people in your life.

Imagine your life is like a company and you are the owner of it… hire only those people who can grow your company and make sure not destroying it.

You do not wish your business should go into a big loss just because of some false people you’ve hired right?

“Fake friends are like autumn leaves, they’re scattered everywhere.”

Of course, you can meet new people to find new possibilities, but make sure you jump puddles for those who can even cross an ocean for you.

The future of your life totally depends on the choices that you’ll make today… it fully worth spending some time before making a choice. 🙂

3. Study Well Before You Choose

Just like we use to check each and every specification of a mobile phone before making a purchase… I want you to check some qualities in a person before doing a friendship.

You should already be aware of his/her habits, overall behaviour and personality before starting any type of relationship with that person.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn

With respect to the above saying, your small decision can either make you or break you… choose wisely.

If you managed to analyze successfully, it will work like a filter to separate some really good people which you needed in life from the crowd of unwanted people.

In fact: 

Spending some time to study someone before choosing is a hundred times better than accepting blindly.


First of all really SORRY if this post might have formed any negativity in between your friend circle.

I have created this post because I’ve seen… my lots of friend’s life got ruined just because they unknowingly allowed some toxic people to interfere in their personal life.

The whole intention of this post was to spread awareness and meaningful remedies to deal with some kinds of toxic friends in one’s life.

And, with the help of this post if you find someone fake in your life, then don’t get sad… instead, appreciate hard to yourself for identifying and removing that trash person from your best life. 🙂

Also, always remember:

“We don’t lose friends. We just learn who our real ones are.”

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