How To Achieve Goals

9 Robust Tips To Chase Your Dreams And Achieve Your Goals In Life (Step By Step Formula)

Today I’m gonna show you some VERY effective tips on How To Achieve Goals in your life (Step by Step).

I think you’ll agree with me if I say many people set goals in their life but very few are able to ACCOMPLISH it.

The reason behind is that the majority of people don’t set their goals in the right way or they don’t know the right path to achieve it.

Now I’m not gonna write the whole essay on it but I just want to stress some points to SHOW you that: “Why goal setting is important in life.”

If you don’t know what to do in your life, set goals, If you want to live a better life, set goals.

Goal setting definitely helps you to reach your destination at a particular time… and without goals, you’ll keep running in your life finding your destination just like the man keeps running in temple run game.

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“A letter will reach nowhere without an address on it.”

Goals act as an address to your life destination.

Now you know the importance, Let’s dive right into the steps on:

How To Achieve Goals In Life (Fast)

Step #1: Analyse Your Goal

After setting your goal always put some time to deeply analyze it.

Try to understand the point that 99% of people are not specific about their goals in life.

Just think whenever we plan to go for a long trip we are very specific with the journey.

10 days before we are confident about how to reach the destination, where we gonna stay and for how much time, what accessories we gonna carry, when we gonna return.

Now the point is that if we are specific on this level for a 2 -3 days trip then our life is a very long journey, why we are not specific for that.

Whenever you set a goal always be specific about each and every aspect of it.

Let’s say:

You have set a goal to buy a luxurious car in the upcoming year.

Then you must have the answer to all these questions.

Car of which brand you want?

Whether it will be offroad or SUV?

Which model are you gonna buy?

What will be the color of your car?

If you can answer all these questions, then you can say you’re very specific about your goal.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

The next thing is how effective the PAIN POINT is behind your goal.

Let’s take the same situation you have set a goal to buy a luxurious car OK.

Now if I ask you one question “What if you fail to accomplish your goal?.”

Will it affect your life? Yes or No.

I’m damn sure that the answer will be NO because the goal you have set is not wrapped by emotion.

If you fail to buy a luxurious car in the upcoming year you can still live your life by booking a low budget car. RIGHT?

Does that mean this is not a goal?

NO, I don’t mean that… I just wanna make you understand that any goal which is wrapped by emotion is easy to achieve.

The urge to buy a luxurious car is too low than the urge to buy a wheelchair for a handicapped person.

Step #2: Punch in Date

Whenever you set a goal in your life, make sure you are clear about the exact date to achieve it.

Whether you want to make a particular amount of turnover for your company or you want to buy a new home you must be clear about till which date you have to achieve it.


Date punching will activate the time foundation around your goal.

In order to make your goal more effective, bonding your goal with a date is the most important step of the process.

This step will not only helps you to complete your goal within a particular period of time but also keep that urge active in you which is requisite for the task.


“A goal without time foundation is like preparing for an exam without knowing the date of examination.”

Step #3: Use PSF Formula

PSF formula is one of the proven and effective ways to get attached to your goal emotionally.

Almost 90% of great achievers and successful people have used this formula once in their life.

PSF stands for Print, Stick, and Feel formula.

Let’s understand each piece of the puzzle in detail.

Print or Write Your Goal

Now that you’ve finally analyzed your goal and punch a date on it your next step is to print that goal on a sheet of paper.

Let say your goal is to buy a new laptop through your business next year.

Find out the picture of your laptop from google and save it in your device.

Next, print that image on an A4 size paper.

Note: I’ve already told you that your goal must be specific.

So, make sure you’re printing the picture of the exact model that you needed.

What if my goal is subject to intangible


Write down your goal on the white A4 size paper.


“Writing down your goals in your own handwriting has a powerful effect on your mind”

By doing this simple step you’re activating your subconscious mind which the most powerful asset that we’ve got.

Stick or Set Your Goal

The second step is to stick that paper on the wall of your bedroom.

This activity helps you to remember your goal each day when you wake up in the morning and the time when you visit your bedroom at night.

But wait,

This step not ends here one more thing you have to do is:

Utilize that picture of your goal which you’ve downloaded in your device.

Set that picture as a wallpaper on the front screen of your mobile device also do the same with your laptop or desktop screen.


Each time when you operate your mobile device or laptop this step will help you not to get distracted from social media, and by default you’ll use your gadgets to accomplish your goal.

“The more and more you see your goal, the more it will become difficult for you to get distracted from it.”

Feel or Visualize Your Goal

This step will push you deep down to get fully attached to your goal emotionally.

If your goal is tangible like buying a sports car or any other thing then you must go and feel it first.

Just visit the car showroom and get a test drive of your dream car.

Before even finding out ways to achieve your goal just do this step because an emotional goal is 100 times more effective than the one which is not.

If you ask me about intangible goal then my words would be,

VISUALIZE your goal each day for 10 mins before going to sleep.

Don’t underestimate the power of visualization.

Remember the gadget which you’re using to read this article is with you today because of once someone has imagined it.

Just start visualizing about the day when you finally achieve your goals.

Imagine how happy you’ll be on that day.


“Imagination is Everything. It is the Preview of Life’s Coming Attractions.”

Albert Einstein

Step #4: Wrap It With Fear

Be specific about your goal is GOOD.

Writing down your goal on a piece of paper is SUPERB.


They’re only a few parts of the whole puzzle.

In order to hold and keep that urge fire up, you need to wrap your goal with a fear.

Here’s how to do it:

Don’t keep your goal just with you.

Spread a word about it.

Share your goal to your very close friends, also announce it with your team members that you’re going to achieve this thing on a particular date which you’ve decided.

Always remember don’t hesitate to announce your goal in public even if your goal looks impossible today.

Great leaders always used to say:

“Whenever you try to do any extraordinary thing and if people start making a joke of your idea, then you’re on the right track.”

Wright Brothers who have invented the world’s first successful airplane was used to say before that in upcoming years iron buses will float in the air.

The reason behind doing this process is that your friends always tickle your head every day by saying “Hey buddy have you achieved your goal today.”

Pretty cool right? 😀

Step #5: Break In Small Chunks

So we’ve finally completed the steps that keep you motivated on a daily basis.

Daily motivation is an important ingredient in the whole recipe to achieve a goal.

Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.

But wait, don’t run to grab the whole cake at once instead cut the same in small pieces.

Whether you’re setting long term, short term, organizational, business, fitness or educational doesn’t matter always break your goal into daily actionable activities.

Just like we prepare the study time table before an examination, the same we’ve to prepare a routine of daily activities to achieve our goal.

Most people find difficulty in thinking about what activities to do on a daily basis to complete their long term goals.

This is the problem of lots of people because they already convince to their brain that they can’t do it.

Remember Robert T. Kiyosaki’s words in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

“I can’t afford it” shut down your brain. How can I afford it? Open up possibilities, excitement, and dreams.”

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with it because each person has different goals.


If you just replace “afford” with “do” in the above sentence you’ll definitely get the answer to all your questions.

Step #6: Take Regular Action

Taking action will not work, taking regular actions will do the job.

Consistency will always be the king when it comes to achieving goals faster.

Each activity that brings you closer towards your goal just starts doing that work on a regular basis.

If you think reading a book will make you achieve your goal faster, READ IT!

If you think listening to any audio will work for you, LISTEN TO IT!

Do any activity to complete your goal but don’t break the hope and consistency.

An activity that can be done without consistency is like going to the gym once a week.

Great words by Gaur Gopal Das –

“Success is less about the intensity and more about the consistency.”

One of the main reasons people don’t achieve their goals is that they love the goal but don’t love the journey to reach the goal.

If you start falling in love with the day to day activities that are required for upcoming success, then slowly you start realizing that things are actually going in the right way at the end of the day.

Don’t worry about obstacles in the journey because:

The lessons learned from success and failures, both are equally important.

Step #7: Check Daily Report

Till now we’ve learned to keep follow up of other peoples but now it’s time to follow up yourself.

Maintain a book to keep a database of regular activities that you are doing.

Remove some time to REVIEW your day.

Check out whether you’re following the schedule or not.

If not, write down the reasons for failure.

Try to convert your daily activities into your habits… until and unless you don’t do that, chances for achieving your goal will tend to fall.

Og Mandino has written a great line in his book “The Greatest Secret in the World.”

“We are all slaves to our habits.”

Your habits are directly linked with your goals, the more quality habits you develop in yourself the more it became easier to complete your task in a short period of time.

It’s totally your choice how much you want to delay your success.

Step #8: Punish Yourself

One of the proven methods to complete any of your daily tasks is “Punishing Yourself.”

It sounds crazy but it WORKS.

Punish yourself on each that task which you’ve promise to do but fail to achieve because of so and so reason.

You’ve your own choice to decide your punishment.

It can be anything like giving a treat to your friends, not doing the night meal, or tearing a dollar.

You can even set a punishment for your long term goal like not to touch your favorite dish until and unless you achieve that goal.

“Punish yourself in order to flourish yourself.”

Abhijeet Jain

This technique is very effective for the type of goal which is back by less amount of pain.

Basically, the things which are less emotional for you but you still dream of having them.

Step #9: Backward Think Method

Defining the goal, DONE.

Making a schedule of daily activities, DONE.

Now it’s time to train your subconscious brain in order to convert your daily activities into your daily habits.

Our brain is divided into two parts i.e the conscious brain and the subconscious brain.

Out of which conscious brain is just 10% part of the whole brain and the rest 90% part has been taken by the subconscious brain.

The subconscious brain is so powerful that it can control your habits.

Here’s an example:

When you’re driving a car for the first time.

You highly concentrate on each and every activity in the car while driving, like pressing a break or changing gears, etc.

But when you master driving your subconscious brain gets perfectly programmed for it. And this time you don’t have to think your hand goes automatically on breaks when required.

You’ve complete control over your conscious mind but, the subconscious mind works automatically.

“If we start doing something on a regular basis then that goes in our subconscious mind.”

Here’s what you have to do:

10 min before going to sleep take the book in which you have written your next day activities. 

Go through to all your next day ACTIVITIES which you have already planned.

Now keep that book inside and close your eyes.

Start thinking in such a way that you have already completed your all next day activities on time.

Do this process every day for 10 min before going to sleep.

As you start doing this process every day your subconscious brain will get automatically programmed for each day activity.

Very cool.

Bonus Tip #1: Don’t Repeat Past

A GREAT tip I want to share with you today is NEVER to stick with your past.

The reason behind successful people’s success is that they don’t stay in their past, they always update their habits.

In fact:

They design their future way brighter than their past.

Let’s say you have committed to yourself that you’ll read 10 pages of a particular book each day.

Now don’t stick with the same even after one month, make an effort to do a little extra.

Instead of 10 pages, I’ll read 12 pages from today is your commitment after one month.


That one little improvement will bring massive change over the upcoming year.

With that small habit update, you’re reading 60 pages extra than your previous month and almost 720 pages extra in one year.

Nobody likes to read an old newspaper even if it’s just one day old.

Never ever increase the value of your past than your future.

By repeating our past again and again we’re only increasing the value of it.

“Don’t sit in past always focus in future.”

Always update yourself because people judge you on your current performance, and not on your past performance.

No matter how impossible your goal looks today this step will definitely help you to attain it.

Bonus Tip #2: Deal With Distractions

The fastest way to reach our goals is:

Figuring out the distraction from our life and cut it down from the roots.

Distractions are like the raindrops which stick on the windshield to blur our destination path.

The only thing you have to do is:

Wipe them out from your life before they make trouble.

“Starve your distractions, feed your focus.”

Dealing with the problems that stop you or distract you from the goal is the best thing you can do here.

Here are some QUICK tips to deal with distractions.

Always Be Prepared

Make sure you’re well organized with the tools before you gonna start doing any activity.

When you’re not ready with all the things that you needed then you are giving a chance to stand up in the middle of work to search for that necessary thing.

That is when there are more chances of getting you to get distracted.

Set Planned Breaks

Don’t let your distraction to take the decision of your life.

Instead set planned breaks before doing any activity.

You have to decide how much time you gonna take a break in the middle of the activity, otherwise, distraction randomly chooses one.

Train Your Mind

Just like we do workout to build our bodies similarly, we have to do meditation to build our focus.

Meditation is the gold mine when it comes to getting rid of distractions.

If you are getting distracted by unnecessary thoughts while doing an important job, then daily meditation will help you to control your thought process.

Now you have it:

My 9-step guide for achieving any goal in your best life.

I’d like to hear from you which strategy from today’s post you’re already doing?


Which strategy was new for you?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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