How To Be Happy In Life

Only 2% Of People Are Following These Secret Tips To Be Always Happy In Life (2020 NEW Guide)

How To Be Happy In Life forever is the most common problem of all the people and there are millions of ways and tips which are available on the internet & even books for free.

But, I’m not gonna sprinkle dozens of ways or tips in this article.

Rather, I put only those which simply WORKS for me.

I’ve seen lots of people dealing with depression and are worried about their lives even after getting each and everything they wanted.

My friends and cousins always used to ask me how you be happy all the time in this world full of negativity.

I generally used to say to them “change your way of thinking and develop your mindset to be happy all the time.”

The biggest possible reason behind being unhappy is, we see happiness as a destination and not as a journey.

Can I Be Happy In 2020?

Of course YES! Why not? In fact, not just in 2020 but throughout your whole life.

But, for that, you need to format your brain which is been fed with the wrong information or wrong meaning of happiness from your childhood.

Below you’ll find the exact meaning of “what happiness is?” in real life.

What is Happiness?

“Happiness is a journey of life that must be travel with a ticket of contentment.”

If you set happiness as a target you will never gonna sustain that happiness for a long time.

You only get two possibilities if you set happiness as a target and trust me both are worst.

Here’s an example for you:

Let say you want an iPhone and you’ve set the goal of buying an iPhone in the upcoming year.

Now, your happiness has totally depended on the target which you’ve set.

Like I said before you’ve only two possibilities now:

  1. You’ve failed to achieve your target: I don’t need to say further because we all know that if we don’t get the thing which we desire we get totally sad.
  2. You’ve finally got that you desire: Of course we get happy at this moment but that happiness fades away with time and we again run behind another desire. Right?

Do I mean you don’t have to set goals and targets in your life?

Heck NO!

I just want to make you understand that happiness is more about the journey and not a target.

In fact:

Goals are very important in our lives, and the happiness which we get after achieving them will give a boost to move forward in our journey.

You can even say, goals are the stepping stones to success, happiness, and abundant life.

Never ever run behind happiness, let happiness run behind you! If you still love marathon then run behind your goals.

Now, the most powerful way to be happy in any situation is being thankful to each and everything you’ve got.

If you ask me which is the most awesome word in the complete oxford dictionary, then that word is GRATITUDE.

You believe it or not but this is the only way that keeps you motivated and happy even if you’re alone or if you don’t have anything in your life.

You might have heard this line thousands of times that money, luxury or any other precious items can’t buy happiness. Right? 

Well, that is absolutely CORRECT!

Great lines by Sandeep Maheshwari –

“True happiness is not based on what you have. It’s about who you are.”

Instead of worrying about the things which you don’t have or the parts which give you pain, be thankful for the things which you already have and those parts that work really well.

This is the only method to keep your happiness sustain for a lifetime.

If you still not believe in gratitude then,

This little infographic will change your perception towards the word gratitude.

The whole purpose of this article is to give you the best possible advice to be happy in your best life and that I’ve already given.


If you want some more killer ways to be happy in life then READ ON… the 6 additional secrets for ultimate happiness and peace which I’ve mentioned down below.

6 Proven Ways To Be Happy In Life (All The Time)

1. Find Happiness In Yourself

If you’re the creator of your own life then why let someone design your future according to them.

The biggest mistake we do is:

Whenever we get attracted to someone, we end up attaching our emotions to that particular person.

Remember this golden statement:

Never ever attached your happiness with anyone.

Things get worse when for some reason that person not able to give his/her time as per your expectations.

Don’t get into depression whenever someone left you alone.

Just think about your childhood days how happy you used to be alone just by watching your favorite cartoon show.

People do come in life and left like there’s nothing happen, and this is a never-ending cycle, don’t let that cycle affect your wonderful life.

Let your happiness depends on you and not anyone in this whole world.

A beautiful line I’ve read:

“The moment you feel lonely… start enjoying the company of the most wonderful person on this earth… YOU.”

Another thing is that stop finding happiness in the wrong things like money, luxurious cars or any other precious materials.

You might not know but let me tell you that you’re living in an illusion that precious and luxury things will give you happiness.

Such things are like making a sandcastle on the beach just waiting for one wave of water to come and BOOM everything has gone.

Real happiness is within YOU don’t give that to unnecessary things.

2. Learn The Art Of Ignorance

The art of ignorance is a goldmine if you want to be happy in life forever.

The biggest reason for depression, disappointment and stress are competing with others in silly situations of our life.

Let’s say your friend cracks a joke on you in the middle of two or three people.

Now in such cases, almost 90% of people start competing with the person who has insulted them just to show other people that you’re a big dog than him.

Your whole intention was to win the current situation by cracking a funnier joke on your friend to satisfy your own ego.

In the process of satisfying your own ego, you sometimes unknowingly hurt your friend’s ego.

You might think that lots of people get attracted to you because of your cheap joke but, in actual fact, you’ve formed a bad image of yourself in the minds of those people.

Here’s the right way to handle such situations:

Instead of cracking a joke from your side you can appreciate his/her humour.

Trust me this will not make you small.

In fact, more people will start liking you.

“Liking does not equal to the attraction.”

There’s a big difference between liking and attraction.

People will get attracted when you have a good personality.

But, people will start liking you when you’re a good person and that’s all you want to be happy in life.

The next thing is if you’re surrounded by people who are depressed or unsatisfied with their lives then kindly ignore them and start spending your valuable time with the people who are hardworking and successful in their life.

Remember you’ll become an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

So don’t let any negative person ruin your best life.

3. Expectations Are The Cause

If you want to know how to become happy or even happier in life then you’re landed on the right section.

Stick that into your mind that:

Expectations are the root cause of any situation behind the disappointments.

Remember one thumb rule:

Low down your expectations to ZERO in any situation of your life.

The funny thing we human beings do is that:

At the moment we get attached to someone we start developing a list of expectations from that particular person.

And when for some reason that person failed to fulfill one of the expectations from our list we blame that same person for not fulfilling OUR expectations.

The funny thing?

That fellow doesn’t even know what you expect. BIG LOL 😀

Never ever blame other peoples for disappointing you… Blame yourself for expecting too much from them.

“The best way to avoid disappointment is not to expect anything from anyone.”

It makes sense like Why to keep expectations from someone who doesn’t even care about your presence.

In fact, you’re running in the wrong way may be real happiness is on another path.

Instead of waiting for the person to fulfill your expectation it’s better to change the track and find new people in different paths.

I hate when people say “I’m alone” or “I’m feeling lonely”.

The problem with this situation is within YOU only… In real life you’re not lonely in fact you’re not making efforts to find new people.

As soon as you start spending time with new people every day, within a few days you realize that you’re forgetting your past.

4. Kill Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are like team rocket in pokemon animated series.

Always comes in the middle when something good going on…

Each negative thought is ruining a positive part of your life.

In fact, almost everyone gets stuck in this cycle and it’s very difficult to get an escape from it.

Those who actually succeed to get rid of it, only those people lived their further life happily.

You must have to gain control of your thoughts in order to get escape from this never-ending cycle.

There’s only one way to gain control over your thoughts and that is by doing “Meditation.”

You can even find more meditation videos on the internet… Try to use the internet for your benefit instead of unnecessary things.

Negative thoughts are the biggest enemies because it stops you from doing extraordinary things.

And, success & happiness only comes from doing extraordinary things.

Remember do extraordinary things but don’t worry about the result, enjoy the result of your work even if the outcome is not good.

Total acceptability is key to mental peace.

Don’t be the sufferer, be an enjoyer.

Life is too short to worry about your mistakes just focus on your accomplishments, trust me you’re doing fine. 🙂

Quote of the section:

“Always remember, you are much bigger than your problems.”

5. Give 100% Everyday

Today you’re disappointed, fine.

Things are not going according to your expectations, no issues.

But why you’re blocking the way of upcoming happiness in your life by sitting in the corner and thinking about the past scenarios.

I always used to say: Only you are responsible for your current situation and no one else.

Everything starts with YOU and you already have the potential to become a reason for your future happiness and growth.

You can only attract success and happiness in your life when you know how to stand tall in the tough situation of life.

The only wrong thing you’re currently doing is that:

You’re giving so much importance and attention to your past.

“When your past calls don’t answer. It has nothing new to say.”

Today your past will not make your future, but your present WILL, so focus on your present and throw your past memories in the dustbin.

Give your 100% in each and every activity that will make your future bright.

You already know the tale of hare and tortoise.

Things get wrong when for some reason you stop giving your 100%. Right?


No matter how much you’re facing problems just don’t stop giving your 100% every day.

Just keep faith in what you are doing – today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

6. Join the Gym

Sounds CRAZY but works!

It’s personally my own experience I’m sharing with you.

When I was totally depressed in my life because of some reason I made the decision to change my overall physics.

And as soon as I start doing meditation and workout, within a few months I fully recover myself from failure and depression.

Today I’m living my life happily because I’m both mentally and physically strong.

My formula to live a happy life is:

Healthy Body + Good Thoughts = Happy LIfe.

Physical fitness gives you mental strength as well as confidence boost in tough situations.

This point also has a bonus benefit:

By joining a gym or yoga classes you’ll get an opportunity to meet new people every day.

Spending more time with new people and new friends will quickly help you to recover from past bad experiences.

And, don’t think bad about any person who has done wrong with you.

Remember these beautiful lines this will help you in your future life:

“Maturity is when you have the power to destroy someone who did you wrong but you just breathe, walk away and let life take care of them.” 🙂

So, don’t worry face ups and downs in life and keep faith in yourself because you’re the BEST!

At last, I just want to share with you three golden rules to be happy in life forever:

  1. Let go of what’s gone.
  2. Be grateful for what remains.
  3. Look forward to what’s next.

Now, I’d like to hear from you.

Are you ready to face each and every challenge in your life?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Thank you Viraj for such a wonderful suggestion about how to be happy. I will always remember that my happiness is within me. Thank you and I am confident that more people will feel very good and relax after reading this.

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