How To Move On

How I Got Completely Move On From My Ex Within 28 Days: 13-Step In-Depth Guide (2020)

It takes me almost 2 years to find out: What true love is & How To Move On or get over someone in life (completely).

You’ll definitely agree with me if I say, highly suggested people sayings in such a situation won’t work at all like…

  • He/she was not made for you.
  • You’ll definitely get a better option.
  • Or, keep patience everything would be fine. Right?

So, in today’s post, I’m going to show you how you can easily forget your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and get completely move on in your life (step by step).

In fact, I’m sharing my own life experience with you.

And, the best part?

You can easily replicate each and every step which I’ve written down below.

Yes, I totally understand it is very difficult to move on with a broken heart, but trust me after some decades you’ll really feel thankful for the same person who has dumped you right now.

So, Let’s face it:

How To Move On Or Get Over Someone In Life

Step #1: Get Ready For The Journey

I’m pretty damn sure, right now you are in a situation where you’ve already end up watching hundreds of motivational videos and still looking for an ideal solution.

You’ve tried many remedies but your mind is still popping all those past memories which make you feel sad today also… Right?

If yes, then let me tell you that you have got an excellent opportunity to be successful in life.

You actually need to be very excited because now you have to start getting ready for an exciting journey of life.

A very important journey that will put you into the category of mature and highly effective people.

You might not know but, this painful situation has created different reactions in your body… which you can use it for your own personal growth.

Reactions such as deep disappointment, urge to HIT something, or screaming hard, etc.

You have two choices now either you harm yourself with this energy or utilize it to hone yourself.

As you have landed on my article I’ll definitely push you to go with the second choice.

I really want you to convert each and every negative thought into a positive one.


“Once you replace negative thoughts into positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

Step #2: Understand The Unfilled Gaps

Now you know that your first task is to give proper direction to the existing energy, your next step is to find the gaps which were unfilled before the relationship.

Right now because of a breakup, a tree of negativity has grown inside you which can hurt your journey in the long run.

So, it’s better to cut it down from its roots and regrown a tree of positivity as soon as possible.

In fact:

This is the exact step to find out the root cause of all those negative thoughts and deep disappointments.

“Cut down a problem from its roots, so that it could never grow again.”

Here’s what I exactly do:

I put stress on thinking about all those gaps which got filled up when I was into a relationship with her.

And, when I deeply analyze her I find these three following gaps which make me feel GREAT:

  • Her over caring nature.
  • The way she encourages me.
  • And, the attitude of respecting other’s opinions.

This single step was a complete road map for me to escape from a BIG illusion (fully discuss in step no. 3).

Now, it’s your turn:

Try to replicate this exact step in order to move ahead.

Step #3: Escape From The Illusion

As soon as our relationship gets over… some sticky thoughts attack our mindset which can usually disturb our growth.

Here are some examples of such thoughts:

  • I will not get the person with the same physique or nature.
  • It’s impossible to find such a caring person like him/her.
  • And, I won’t be able to find such an amazing person again, etc.

Now, one thing you have to fit in your mind that all these thoughts are temporary and useless.

A toxic relationship always left such kinds of thoughts in our mindset which are completely fake and unreal !!

So, how to get rid of such toxic thoughts? It’s SIMPLE.

Like I told you before, find out the unfilled gaps first, it is the best way to deal with such fake imagination.

The reason behind this, I told you to find the root cause first is because now you can easily come out from all those imaginary things and can live your life in the present.

Always remember, if you want to make yourself successful then you need to escape from your past anyhow.

“If you don’t think of the future, you won’t have one.”

Henry Ford

Step #4: Utilize Time On A Right Person

Now it’s time for the real question:

How we can fill up the gaps which became empty again after the breakup and start the process of getting completely move on from our past?

For this, I’ve both GOOD and BAD news for you.

The bad news:

You need to find another person with the same nature and personality… which is very difficult.

And, the good news:

I’ve already discovered an alternate way. 🙂

Because I already know finding a person with the same qualities is quite difficult, I put some effort into finding multiple people with at least one quality.

The best part?

I got a success rate of 100 per cent.

Just go through your friend list you’ll definitely find someone who has got:

  • Very good personality and nature.
  • Ability to put a smile on your face.
  • Or, the essence of respecting your opinions.

Sort out all those friends from your list who you think can help you to fill that empty vessel again and start spending time with them.


“Time is precious. Make sure you spend it with the right people.”

And, It’s my guarantee that you’ll start forgetting your past in a very short period of time.

Step #5: Move On With “Move To Trash”

Why fill up our smartphone storage with the memories that will make us feel sad every time we check out.

This was the first time when I totally fell in love with the “Move to trash” feature of every smartphone.

Trust me deleting all memories and pictures of her was the main reason behind my whole day’s happiness.

No pictures, No negative thoughts only positive vibes.

Sure it was very difficult when I was trying for the first time, but later on, I realized that it was the best decision of my life.

In fact, today my phone storage is overflowing with a lot more new and good memories.

“When you let go you create space for something better.”

I also read lots of inspirational articles and quotes on various websites to keep myself motivated all the time.

It makes sense like instead of watching the pictures of the person who has made us feel sad, it’s better to have a look at some inspirational images which can make our day.

Step #6: Smartly Satisfy Your Own Ego

One problem that will always come in the way of your journey to disturb you is your “self-ego.”

It’s not only about you and me, but each person who faces such a situation in their life also becomes the victim of egoistic thoughts like:

  • How he/she can do this to me.
  • He/she left me because I was not capable.
  • Maybe he/she got a better option than me.

Now, you might be wondering: How do I smartly satisfy my ego.

I know we use to give pain to our body by thinking: Do I really loved her/him the way he/she wanted?

Well, let me tell you that you don’t need to worry about whether you were a perfect guy/girl for her/him.

You’re already doing the best possible thing by letting him/her go and live life the way he/she wanted.

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

Step #7: Look Out For Your Interest

Ok, so enough talks about the past now, let’s talk about building an awesome future and great life.

So, as soon as my mindset got clear that I must have to continue walking alone in the further journey, I quickly head over to find my interesting career option so that I can shift my focus to somewhere else.

Fortunately, I was successful in finding my career option in the best possible time.

I started my career as a Digital Marketer and later on, I fell in love with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Because I have chosen my interested field, It becomes very easy for me to shift my focus to the right place.

That’s the reason:

I highly recommend you to start finding a job that you love, you’ll never ever get distracted while doing your work.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Step #8: Try To Make Yourself Busy

Thinking about your past while going to bed is OK but… wasting your whole day while thinking about your past is WORSE.

I literally make myself so busy that I totally forget my relationship status is still displaying the sign of a single person.

You won’t believe but some other day when someone asked me about my relationship status then, my reply to that person is like Holy SHIT I’m still single bruh !!

To be honest, today I don’t even feel about starting a relationship.

In fact, right now I’m very happy with my busy schedule because I know it is the only path that takes me to the right destination.

“Keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression. For me inactivity is the enemy.”

Matt Lucas

Just stick that above quote in your mind and start doing some work, this thing will never disappoint you in the whole life.

Step #9: Forget Everything To Forgive

Want to be successful with a habit? then start adopting the habit of forgiving people.

No matter how the other person has behaved with you in the past, just forgive him/her and move on completely in your life.

It’s one of the best medicines to cure anger and anxiety in your mind for that person.

In fact:

This single step can bring a massive flow of peacefulness in your life, which is the most important ingredient used to be happy and successful in life.

“Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.” 

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Always try to understand both sides of the situation, sometimes life forces people to take the wrong decision.

So, it is better you should forget everything and forgive him/her completely and focus on your own life.

Remember, a weak person can never forgive, only people who are strong from inside have the ability to forgive other people even though it was not their mistake.

So, in which category you want to be:

  • Category of weak and boasting people.
  • Or, the category of strong and humble people.

The choice is YOURS !!

Step #10: Stop Keeping Useless Hopes

Because I accept reality and respect her decision, we became good friends now.

Sometimes it happens when she is in trouble and needs my help.

Guess what? I help her without keeping the ego in my mind, not because I’m in the hope of getting her back, but because of humanity.

Want to know the best part?

She also does the same thing when I’m in trouble.

So, if you’re doing the same thing then you’re a true gentlemen/women and a very good person.

But, If you are in the hope that some other day he/she may get back to you then you’re walking on the wrong track.

“Help people for humanity, not for purpose.”


Expectations and hopes are the two supplements available for boosting the growth of disappointments.

Never ever purchase them from the market of life.

Help people because you have to change yourself, you’ll never know what tomorrow happen.

If you help a person who is bad with you today, it can also become an angel for you tomorrow.

Step #11: Unboxing The Better Version

Just like compounding works, when you start doing all these above steps consistently, you’ll start getting an additional boost each day.

You’ll become a completely different person who doesn’t care about what others are doing… you’ll be just focusing on your own career and life that’s it.

Also, one thing I would suggest to you is that right now even if you’re feeling lonely or you got some problems in your life, then don’t share it with everyone.


Not everyone is angels and ready to help you, some people might make fun of you which will even break you more from inside.

Have a look at this amazing quote:

“Never tell your problems to anyone, 20% don’t care and 80% glad you have them.”

But no worries, Because I’ve combined the steps of moving on with the steps to become successful, you’ll definitely become a better version of yourself in a few months. 🙂

Step #12: Smile Is The Game Changer

Do you want to know which is the most pleasing 5 lettered word in the whole dictionary which can increase your face value?… It’s a SMILE!

Best lines by Gaur Gopal Das – 

“If we don’t laugh on the same JOKE again, then why do we cry on the same PROBLEM again?”

The day when I get to know about the importance of a smile, I usually start giving it to that person also who’ve broken my heart.

It’s all in your control… how you gonna handle and see the current situation.

If you are giving so much attention to the negative side, then you won’t be able to enjoy the best moments of life.

For example,

A rainy day can be a boring day for you, but it can be a blessing for small kids who don’t wanna go to school.

So, always focus on the positive side of the situation it’ll definitely give you some positive results.

If you really want people to start liking you, then first you need to start liking yourself and the current situation of your life.

Like when I focus on the positive side of my situation I get to know about some pros of the breakup:

  • There was no burden on my head.
  • I was able to talk freely with any girl.
  • I left with more time to work on my skills.
  • Lots of money got saved. 😀

Step #13: Time Is The Best Medicine

Is it true that time heals a broken heart?

Yes, but only if you invest the upcoming time on the right things.

If you start utilizing the time watching his/her pictures and reading your past conversations with him/her then you’ll end up getting negative effects.

Even if you were being cheated on very badly, time will still heal you if you utilize it in the right way.

So, don’t throw rocks on the mirror of your success with your own hands, you’ve got an amazing gift from God (time), utilize that into something good.

Have a look on these awesome lines said by Peter F. Druker – 

“It’s more important to do the right thing than to do things right.”

It doesn’t matter whether your relationship has got over with a breakup or divorce, it will take time to fully heal your heart.

You just need to be committed to your work and the time will automatically start contributing to it.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Which step from today’s guide are you going to try first?

Are you going to make use of the “Move To Trash feature.”

Or maybe you gonna forgive that person.

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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