IAS Officer: The Complete Job Profile & Description

IAS Officer Job Description

Welcome to the first topic of our definitive guide on IAS officer in India.

In this guide you’ll get all information about IAS officer job description, What an IAS officer do in real life & the work schedule including average salary in India.

In short, if you want to clear out your doubts related to IAS officer job profile, benefits, qualifications, skills etc…then you’ll love this guide.

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    Table Of Contents

    IAS Officer Job Introduction

    IAS stands for the Indian Administrative Service and it is a branch of Indian Civil Service.

    Just like police, defence & emergency services…it is one of the All India Services.

    IAS officers assist the ruling government in the disbursement of funds, maintaining law & order, revenue collection, crisis management, implementing policies, giving feedback etc.

    Indian Administrative Service Officer is one of the most lucrative career profile among all the job options available in the Government sector.

    And, in order to grab this most prestigious job opportunity you need to clear or crack the civil services exam conducted by UPSC.

    Why Become An IAS Officer?

    Yes, OFCOURSE in this job profile you’ll need to face stressful hours, loads of work and sleepless nights but…

    …The moment you become aware of some of the advantages of becoming an IAS Officer in India those cons will start losing its value in your mind.

    So, in this section, we will only be talking about the cool facilities that an IAS Officer in India enjoys.

    Let’s begin with the first one.

    1. Highly Respectable Job Profile

    IAS Officer is the job of helping people in a society (to the highest possible level you can achieve) that are in need.

    So, it is not just a reputable job but also a highly respectable job as all you are doing is what serving the society.

    As you will be putting all your efforts to bring positive changes in society by using your powers and privileges, you’ll definitely earn a high social level in that society.

    In short, this job profile will help gain loads of respect within a short span of time.

    2. Unshakable Job & Health Security

    The moment you become an IAS officer, you can peacefully keep a hope that you’ll not get fired from this job so easily.

    The rules of government are very strict when it comes to removing a person from his/her job post especially when he/she is a reputable IAS Officer.

    This process involves extensive investigations & inquires…hence you get unshakable job security.

    Only job security? Well, NOT really…you can even get tight security for you and your family.

    You’ll be also given quality health care services and a couple of security guards for 24/7 protection.

    3. Best Accommodation Benefits

    Superb accommodation facilities have been given to IAS officers by the Government when they are posted in a particular town or city.

    Most probably IAS officers live in duplex bungalows, but they even get offered huge houses on less rent or even no rent.

    Along with good houses, you’ll also be given additional home facilities like maids, cooks, gardeners, security guards etc.

    Talking about the expenses of your own residence like electricity, water, gas, phone connection bills…all expenses are taken care of by the government itself.

    4. Good Post-Retirement Facilities

    As I told you before that, you don’t need to take so much stress about your health and security while your job is ongoing.

    But did you know? you can do the same even after taking retirement from your current job!

    Yes, as a civil servant you get an advantage of life long pensions & post-retirement facilities after you get successfully resign from this job profile.

    You’ll also be sought after by many companies who require your expertise in various positions.

    5. Cool Transportation Facilities

    IAS Officers enjoys the benefits of cool transportation facilities…they are given a maximum of 3 official vehicles or at least 1 to go anywhere.

    Along with official vehicles, you’ll also get a driver to drive the car aka “the chauffeur” and a couple of security guards for your protection.

    Also, you don’t need to worry about the salary of the chauffeur as all their expenses are borne by the Government of India.

    IAS Officer Job Qualifications & Skills

    IAS Officer Requirements & Criteria

    In this section, we’ll talk about the eligibility criteria of an IAS Officer in India.

    I will also gonna share with you some most important requirements that are very important in order to attend UPSC Examinations.

    Here’s the table that will gonna help you right of the bat.

    EducationBachelor’s degree from any recognized university
    CitizenshipYou must be a citizen of India
    Age21 to 32 years
    Number Of AttemptsGeneral – 6 attempts (Up to 32 years)
    SC/ST – No limits (Up to 37 years)
    OBC – 9 attempts (Up to 35 years)
    Physically handicapped – 9 attempts for General & OBC & Unlimted for SC/ST

    You can even search for more information about eligibility criteria on the UPSC official site – upsc.gov.in.

    Additional Skills

    As you will be working for the betterment of people of India, you need to develop some high-quality skills in yourself.

    In short, if you want to stand out from the whole crowd you need to consistently focus on your self-investment first !!

    Here’s the list of some relevant skills that you’ll require in the future.

    1. You should have exceptional leadership skills to guide others in an appropriate direction.
    2. Sometimes you will find yourself stuck in a tricky situation so you must be decisive to solve that problem quickly.
    3. You must be a hardworking and committed officer towards your ongoing or upcoming work.
    4. Great communication skill and good command over language are very important as it can help you to give clear orders without creating confusion.
    5. You must be honest and perform your work ethically… work ethics are what push you towards your success efficiently.
    6. Out of the box thinking is also requisite in some cases to solve or move out from the challenges that arise in India.

    IAS Officer Duties & Responsibilities

    Generally, being an IAS officer is not an easy task, you need to carry so much burden of duties or responsibilities of the selected area.


    IAS officer’s functions and roles totally depend on their posting & department.

    And, in this section, we’ll throw some light on the responsibilities of an IAS officer.

    So, let’s begin with…What does an IAS Officer do in reality?

    Basic Responsibilities Of An IAS Officer

    1. Taking Care Of District Affairs

    Handing and taking care of district affairs is one of the basic duties of IAS officers in India.

    All you have to do is to identify and solve problems related to electricity, water supply, hospitals, schools etc.

    You may also need to implement necessary development schemes in your selected area.

    2. Handling Government Affairs

    Another basic function of civil services is to handle the affairs of the Government.

    You need to manage daily affairs of government like framing, implementing & reviewing various policies etc.

    3. Doing Proper Supervision

    You can’t just sit at home and watch Netflix peacefully after successfully implementing any policy.

    You need to actively supervise all the implemented policies by visiting the place from time to time and checking whether the work has been getting done correctly or not.

    4. Managing Various Funds

    Central government allocates funds for various schemes to help and serve people.

    So, you need to make sure the public fund gets utilized properly and it should be distributed well.

    Management and disbursement of various funds of the central government is a very important duty of an IAS officer.

    5. Responding To Emergency

    Being an IAS officer you also need to respond to various emergencies such as natural disasters, major accidents etc.

    You need to make sure that the medical and health facilities are getting provided to the needy people on time.

    Responsibilities Based On Different Assignments

    IAS officers in India performs assignment specific roles and their duties totally depend on the type of assignment they get.

    Basically, there are three types of assignments that you should be given to perform.

    1. Field
    2. State Secretariat/Public Sector Undertakings
    3. Central Secretariat

    IAS Officer Working Hours & Salary

    The working hours of an IAS officer also vary in different stages but usually, you’ll be working from 9 am to around 9.30 pm.

    After reaching the office you need to go through daily reports including personally supervising every task.

    Your day will be a little bit hectic as it can be packed with meetings, fieldwork & inspections.

    But, you can’t say that your next day would be the same as today…in short, for IAS officers every day is not the same and the daily schedule is different every day.

    For example,

    Today, you might attend conferences/meetings while tomorrow you might attend grievance/redressal sessions for citizens.


    In case of emergency, 

    The official working hours of IAS officers are 9 am to 5 pm, but in reality, the number of hours exceeds the same.

    Typically, you’ll work for 70-75 hours a week and sometimes it can go up because of some unusual situations. 🙂

    Talking about the average salary of an IAS officer, it is around ₹56,000/- per month for an entry-level officer & ₹2.5 lakhs per month for a cabinet secretary.

    Now It’s Your Turn

    So, that’s it from my side buddy.

    Hope, you have learned something new from this article. 🙂

    Or you might have any other questions related to IAS officer job description.

    Either way, let me know by leaving a comment right now.

    I’ll definitely try to solve your query ASAP.

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