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ACTIONABLE Ways To Improve Your Personality: 15 [NEW] Tips That Give Results!

In this post, you’re going to learn how to Improve Your Personality in less than 31 days.

In fact, these are the exact strategies I used to grow my personality and boost my confidence level from zero to 89% within a few couples of weeks.

And today I’m going to show how I did it… 

…and how you can do the same thing.

So, here we go:

How to Improve Or Build Your Personality (Fast)

1. Start Comparing Your Own Selfies

Easy tips always first !!

But, I know the title of this tip has created a bit of confusion in your mind.

So, let me clarify it by asking you one simple question.

How many selfies of yours you’ve stored on your mobile phone and out of them how many you’ve actually uploaded on your social media networks?

I’m damn sure there will be a good difference between the ratio among these two things.

It mostly happens because we fail to find most of our pictures that are worth uploading.

In reality, everyone clicks multiple selfies in order to choose one which is better and can be shareable.

And you know what, which is the most important factor that the majority of people look into their own selfies to stand it out from the bunch of others? It’s a SMILE.

“A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.”

In fact:

People only love to communicate with the person who wears a beautiful smile on his/her face.

Because a smile is a great and very cheap way to enhance our personality.

So, always remember:

No one likes a face which looks dull like this => 😐

In the real world, everyone likes a face that spread joy and happiness like this => 😀

2. Use The Power Of Replication

I have seen a good number of people who believe personality can only be developed by focusing on yourself.

Well, it’s not really true.

There are some very cool methods available in which you don’t even need to touch yourself for at least once.

And one of those available methods is utilizing the power of replication.

If you don’t have a good personality at the moment, then you can instantly develop your personality in front of anybody by replicating his/her present behaviour while communication is going on.

A real-life example for you:

Let’s say you’re having a conversation with a person who was blessed with a goddamn personality.

Now, you do not need to worry about your own personality… just try to replicate his/her behaviour without having any fear.

If he/she is talking to you with a light tone then you also try to adjust the tone of your own voice.

If he/she is communicating with an open body language then you also try to open up.

Try to push yourself in order to create a balance for fulfilling the gaps even though you are lacking in some cases.


“Balance is not something you find, it’s something that you need to create.”

Jana Kingsford

3. Try To Discover More Enthusiasm

One more great way to make your personality 2x more appealing is by saying goodbye to laziness and the body that looks dull.

No one likes a person who yawns or looks tired while doing some exciting or some serious work.

I repeat no one !!

And that too because everybody is already dealing with some kind of trouble in their life and all they are looking for someone who can make them feel fresh and energized.

“Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you are done.”

With that here are some little hacks to kill fatigue and get your energy back:

1. Take Enough Rest Every Day

Improper sleep can increase your fatigue level during daytime which can make your face looks horrible.

For a good reason, you should try to get to bed as early as possible… so you can sleep for at least 7-8 hours daily.

Good sleep not only makes you feel fresh but also helps your body better regulate blood sugar levels and improve your heart health by decreasing stress.

2. Do More Physical Activities

Do you want more confidence and a great amount of energy flowing into your body?

Then head over to Youtube and search for “How to do yoga or home workout.”

In fact:

Yoga and exercise are two of those well-known activities that can help you to build personality within a couple of weeks.

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated

A glass full of water may look like a common thing but it plays a very important role in keeping your body hydrated.

Adopt a habit to drink at least 1 -2 litres of water daily in order to detoxify your body.


The more you take care of your body internally, the more it will become attractive externally.

4. Dominate With “Sense Of Humor”

It doesn’t matter whether you are a short person or a tall guy…

It doesn’t matter whether you have got fair skin or dark skin…

… and, it also doesn’t matter whether you are thin or fat.

Your one ability will always be loved by everyone, and that is “the ability to bring a laugh on other’s faces.”

You can literally take over any SHOW is if you have a good sense of humour within you.

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”

Mark Twain

You can even crack a joke on yourself because it would be more effective when it comes to grabbing more eyeballs on your personality.

But also make sure you do not let self jokes to pull your self-respect down.

For example.

Expressing to people that you’re feeling scared to beat a thin person even if they already know that you are a great bodybuilder can make everyone laugh but does not drop down your real personality and self-respect.

So, in other words:

Just like I said in point #2 you need to balance each and every aspect to squeeze maximum benefit from your efforts.

5. Avoid Overtaking Of Conversation

Did you ever hear or read this proverb before?

“Getting axe on your own foot.”

If yes, then that is what you are doing when you try to overtake the conversation before listening to the whole sentence.

Many people are not aware, but this small mistake drop-down personality just like a stone when it is thrown in a lake.

If you really want your personality should spark while talking to somebody then do not interrupt the front person while he/she is expressing their own opinion. 

“Do not listen with the intent to reply, but with the intent to understand.”

And the best part is:

By doing this you do not only boosting your self-image but also you are indirectly giving respect to the front person.

That said:

You first need to GIVE respect in order to GET respect. 🙂 

6. Put An Effort To Sustain The Flow

Being fluent while speaking will always be the key to build an impressive personality.

If you are continuously giving pauses or breaking the flow while speaking then people will feel like you don’t have any knowledge even though you have.

There’s no compulsion like using only advance words in English, you can also speak in your local language but the only thing is that not to get confused while forming sentences.

Everyone loves to hear or watch without getting interrupted in between… so if you stuck while speaking then it will be like showing people ads in the middle of a conversation.

Remember this formula:

“Speed + Accuracy = Fluency.”

Make yourself so capable that you can manage to speak confidently and with 99.9% accuracy.

Even people do love watching movies in cinemas because it gives them a great experience than television.

And the best reason?

It has got only one break i.e INTERVAL.

Remember, you’re like a streaming video on YouTube so make sure you are not ruining your quality and user experience by entertaining people with 5 seconds advertisements.

7. Take A Little Bit Share From “Attitude”

Attitude is something that can either make your personality or break your self-image.

The following sentence is worth reading:

People will hate you when you carry a bad attitude but those people will truly love you when you walk with a positive attitude.

“Your attitude determines your actions and your actions determine your accomplishments.”

And, there is no secret that your overall personality is defined by your actions.

Here’s the deal:

A positive attitude is nothing but the way to see only the bright side of life and converting negative situations into a positive one.

Instead of complaining about life events… believe in yourself and try to play the game with full confidence.

Positive thinking will definitely contribute to shining your personality even in tough situations of your day to day life if you learn to use it correctly.

Also, it will help you to get rid of low self-esteem and subconsciously your mind will direct you towards success.

8. Change Your Current Community

Look deeply into your own life, are you spending more time with a group of people in which every person is nervous or less confident about themselves?

If this is true then try to switch your group from less effective people to those who have actually achieved their own goals.

“Who you spend time with is who you become.”

Tony Robbins

But yes I do understand your current situation that it’s very difficult to find such type of people.

And it is also not that easy to spend time with highly effective people every day because such people are very conscious about their time.

So, what to do?

Don’t worry it’s very straightforward.

First, you need to save your time by not wasting it with a group of useless or dreamless people.

Then head over to any e-commerce website and order some books related to personality development written by some well-known authors.

Till the date it will get arrived you can stream videos on YouTube of successful people, it’s a FREE yet very effective thing which one can easily do.

9. Always Stay Away From Flaunting

Show off is something which you would definitely like to do but might be hated by so many people.

It’s one of the worst traits of personality and you should definitely stay away from it.

In more simple words flaunting is the process of manipulating others to being impressed by your own achievements or skills.

And if your personality implies something which needs to be proved every time then it will represent that you’re a lack of confidence.

“Classy is when a person has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it.”

Nothing left to worry because there are plenty of alternate things to do that have no negative effects.

One of the best hacks you can apply here is dealing with the situation in favour of the front person.

Till today’s date, you’re trying to show off your own skills or set of achievements to others… from now you will be appreciating others for the things THEY have achieved.

Don’t worry it does not make you less important or inferior… in fact, it will skyrocket the level of your personality in the eyes of other people.

10. Actively Participate In The Event

No, I’m not just talking about big events like charity events or speech events… sometimes you need to be mentally present while any short activity is going on.

That short activity can be anything like one on one conversation or a group meeting.

If you just try to pretend and not showing any interest then people will ignore you completely from the next time. 

Always focus on the present thing which is going on and respond to it promptly.

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”


Like I told you before, respect others and their opinions and also entertain them with your own views.

Do not just listen… your participation and revert matter a lot.

If you actively listen and show interest in the conversation, people will start taking you seriously in upcoming events.

An image of yours as a leader will slowly try to spawn in the minds of people when you show some seriousness.

You do not need to become a leader, in fact, you ARE a leader! so adopt each that habit which hones your overall personality.

11. Upgrade The Level Of Impression

You probably heard this sentence “first impression is the last impression” multiple times in your life. RIGHT?

Then let me tell you never ever try to under-estimate this sentence till your last breath.

It’s a million-dollar sentence because if you fail to show the positive side of your behaviour in the first meet then you’ll lose out on each and every single day.

Your dressing sense, the way you manage time, the way you introduce yourself, every tiny little thing perform a major role when the topic is all about judging your personality.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Good tips for you:

  • Groomed nicely and smell good by making use of mild fragrance perfume.
  • Position yourself confidently by sitting straight and not bending your back.
  • Maintain a limit while laughing and say sorry immediately after you sneeze.
  • Always carry a wallet, a pen with you and tuck in your shirt in the right way.
  • Also, floss your teeth regularly and get rid of bad breath as soon as possible.

OK, now you have it so APPLY it and start rocking with your new personality !!

12. Stick With Your Patience Daily

Having good control of your patience level will create an aura of calmness around your personality.

And if you get successful in learning this skill, then just by maintaining your patience level you can even avoid making hasty decisions in your life.

Keeping patients might become a difficult task for you in front of people who are trouble makers… but once you conquered it, your personality will start to glow.

So it will be like… similar to the proverb: “Cherry on the cake.” 🙂

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Therefore sometimes keeping patients in a tough situation will open up your mind to welcome even more great ideas to deal with the current situation.

Your calmness and patience will also help you to deal with an aggressive person peacefully without doing any harm to the relationship.

If you face someone whose personality and behaviour don’t match yours, then remember one thing… everyone grows up differently and in a different community.

And, in that situation, you need to understand the behaviour of a front person by keeping patience and peacefulness while having one on one conversation.

13. Help Others To Find Their Path

Helping and supporting others to find their own roadmap to success is another basic step that can improve your personality.

If you want QUICK results and transformation in your personality then this is the most SIMPLE way you can follow.

Provide value and always be a helping hand for others.

If you find someone who is finding it difficult to achieve something because of his/her lack of knowledge then just help him/her without ignoring.

“Supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen yours.”

Share each that little knowledge which you’ve gained to become successful or getting rid of some kind of problems in your life with those who are really craving for it.

Simply pay attention while someone is sharing his/her own issues of life with you and then if you have the solution, reward him/her with it.


Knowledge it the only thing which nobody can steal from you, so by providing value in other’s life you’re not losing anything but, you are only benefiting yourself.

14. Think “Twice” Before Promising

Always be honest with your words… because your honesty will also show the shadow of your personality.

But Yes,

Do not just take over everyone’s burden on your own head, instead only accept those activities which you can easily do or which do not disturb your other responsibilities.

Do what you say and promise only the thing you’re absolutely sure you can deliver.


“You are what you do, not what you say.”

Avoid making promises when you are happy because this is the time when our mind does not work consciously.

Lots of unnecessary promises might be gonna slept from your tongue which can make you feel regret afterwards, so it’s better not to take any decisions when you are in a happy mood.

However, if you have genuinely promised to do something for someone then make sure you gonna complete that task on time.

15. Find Or Construct Your Own Goal

Time for the final tip and at this stage I want you to prepare a dish for your own personality development.

If you want to bring everything in your life then you need to find your own step to success.

“Learn the way and find your own way.”

Jet Li

But wait !!

Don’t panic because I’m giving you the complete instructions of the whole recipe.

The best part?

It’s damn SIMPLE.

All you need to do is remove some time from your busy schedule and find out answers to the below questions:

Question 1: Which is your hidden ability that is liked by most of the people around you?

(for e.g – you may be good at giving opinions or you may be good at storytelling)

Question 2: Which are the things you’re dreaming of having inside you of other people?

(for e.g – you liked someone dressing sense or the way of talking and interacting)

As soon as you find out answers to the above questions… you’ll get to know exactly which gaps you need to fill up in order to improve your personality.

Now, it’s your turn.

Apply all the above techniques and build an unbreakable personality.

Also, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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