How To Join Vestige (Free Of Cost) And Start Earning Money?

Join Vestige

Join Vestige and start building your downline like a boss with this beginner’s guide to start Vestige business.

This is the exact guide that will solve all your queries related to the joining or registration process in Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Talking about the created content, in this guide you’ll learn about:

  • How to join and start Vestige business within hardly 30 mins
  • The complete detail about the official app that you’ve to use
  • The way to get your own unique distributor ID and password
  • 2 mandatory things to do after getting successfully registered
  • Step by step process to register or add members in your downline

So, let’s learn something new:


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    How Do I Join Vestige & Start Business (Free Of Cost)

    Vestige (the leading direct selling company) is still growing in the rapid phase and your decision to join and start your own business with Vestige will never disappoint you.

    In fact, Vestige is one of the topmost MLM companies in India and that’s the reason…

    … I have created this guide especially for beginners who are very passionate about earning money from their own business but facing difficulty in the joining process.

    Even though it is very easy to join Vestige marketing… There are some important things you should always be aware of.

    Currently, the Vestige team has penetrated their roots and successfully running their business in countries such as

    1. India
    2. U.A.E.
    3. Sultanate of Oman
    4. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    5. Bangladesh
    6. And, Thailand

    So, if you’re a citizen of any of the countries listed above, then only you can be the part of this multi-level marketing business.

    One more best part?

    You can even build your own network in Bangladesh or any other listed country by still sitting in India. (You’ll find exact steps to do the same further in this guide)

    But, for now, let’s get registered first.

    Step #1: Collecting Necessary Details & Documents

    Joining Vestige is a really simple and quick process.

    All you have to do is to get ready with some mandatory details and documents which are compulsory to become a part of this great opportunity.

    So, let’s talk about the number of things that are required to complete the registration process and become a full-fledged distributor into the Vestige network marketing business.

    Here’s the complete list of all requirements:

    1. Your age must be 18 years or above to become eligible for this MLM business opportunity.
    2. Your Personal details such as full name, date of birth, mobile number, email id & home address.
    3. Documents such as an aadhaar card or a pan card for doing KYC (know your customer).

    That’s it, if you’re having the above things ready with you then you can move forward to the next step.

    Step #2: Getting Your Unique 8 Digit Id And Password

    Yes, you can’t join Vestige business and start squeezing benefits until and unless you are having your own distributor Id and password.

    A person cannot operate, surf or shop from Vestige without getting registered and without acquiring his/her own login details.

    So, in simple words, without login details, you can’t do anything. 

    But, the question is:

    How can you get it?

    Well, the answer is quite simple… You can easily get your own unique 8 digit login Id and password by filling all the required details in the form below.

    Hence, Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd is a great direct selling company, you’ll always require a mentor or a good team to work with or to build your chain and start earning some money (fast).

    And, to fulfil that gap my team is always ready to help you build your own network from scratch. 🙂

    Now, all you have to do is fill the below form with correct details and claim your 8 digits unique Id and password (login details) to join vestige.

    Vestige Online Joining Form

    Note: Always read the disclaimer before filling your personal details on the form below. You can read my disclaimer here. 🙂


      Contact me using my official phone no. on Whatsapp: 09769383747

      Step #3: Installing “Vestige POS” Application From Play Store

      Let me explain to you some of the most important applications offered by the Vestige marketing team.

      The very first, one of the great applications from the Vestige team is the “Official Vestige App.”

      With the help of this app you can:

      • Track your performance
      • Generate a bonus
      • Check out the details of your points
      • Find out Vestige branches near you, and much more

      Even though the Official Vestige App is not useful in the case of purchasing vestige products or building downlines, still you’ll require this app to generate a bonus or getting the report of your overall performance in Vestige.

      You can download the “Official Vestige” app by following the links below.

      For android get the application by clicking here.

      For IOS get the application by clicking here.

      Ok, let’s come back to the track and talk about the “Vestige POS” application (aka the official app to add distributor and to shop products).

      Generally, we’ll use the “Vestige POS” app because the full process of registration along with KYC and also the process of purchasing products both are handled by this single application only.

      So, I highly recommend you download this application and install it on your phone as soon as you get your login details (Id and password).

      You can download the “Vestige POS” app by following the links below.

      For android get the application by clicking here.

      For IOS get the application by clicking here.

      Step #4: Submitting DAF Form & Activating Id

      As soon as you receive your login details (Id & Password) the very first thing you have to do is to submit a DAF form within 7 days of joining Vestige.

      Note: If you fail to submit DAF form within 60 days from getting successfully registered then your Id will be rendered invalid.

      However, our team will always be there to support you and to provide you with help regarding DAF form submission.


      In case if you’re already a distributor in Vestige with some other team then below are complete steps to submit a DAF form online.

      Steps To Download Vestige DAF Form From Official Website

      • First, head over to and type in the search box.
      Google SERP results for the keyword
      • Second, click on the first result & login using your distributor Id and password.
      Clicking log in button on the Vestige website
      Inserted distributor id and password on the Vestige website login page
      • Third, choose the register option from the drop-down menu.
      Selecting register option from the dropdown menu
      • Next, scroll down to “Print Distributor Application Form” section.
      Scrolling down to print distributor application form section
      • Then, fill your details and click on the “print daf” button.
      Inserted distributor id on the print distributor application form section and clicking print daf button
      • Finally, print that daf form and sign on it and get the signature of your upline as well.
      Downloaded Vestige distributor application or agreement form
      • Next, click the picture of the signed Vestige daf form and follow the next steps…

      Steps To Submit Vestige DAF Form Using Vestige POS App

      • First, download and install the “Vestige POS” app on your android or IOS device.
      • Open the app and log in using your own Vestige distributor Id and password.
      Inserted distributor id and password on the Vestige POS app and clicking login button
      • Now, click on the DAF option in the “Vestige POS” app.
      Selecting DAF option on the Vestige POS app
      • Next, choose the self option and upload the signed DAF form image and signed passport or pan card or driving license image.
      Selecting self and filling distributor id for DAF details
      Choosing signed daf form picture and pan card picture from gallery

      Remember: There must be the signature of both you and your upline on the Vestige DAF form.

      • Then simply click on UPLOAD DAF. Finally, you’re done, this is that simple. 🙂
      Clicking upload daf button

      Steps To Activate Id By Purchasing Products Of 30 PV

      • Open Vestige POS app and click on the Order option
      Selecting order option on the Vestige POS app
      • Type your distributor Id and choose courier (if you want products to get delivered to your home) or self (if you want to pick products from nearest DLCP) and then click on Order
      Checking distributor id and choosing courier option and then clicking order button
      • Check your address and then click on Proceed… you can also give your alternate mobile number.
      Checking address and clicking proceed button
      • Next, choose your category and click on it.
      Choosing health food category
      • Finally, select the product quantity and then click on the shopping cart button in the top right corner.

      Note: Each product has PV mentioned on it… make sure you’re making the purchase of 30 PV! Only then your Id will be getting fully activated.

      Taking one lite house olive pomace oil of 1 l and then clicking shopping cart button
      • Check promotions & vouchers and then click on proceed.
      Checking promotions and vouchers and clicking proceed button
      • It’s almost done… just click on 0.0 and then finally place your order.
      Clicking 0.0 to add amount
      Clicking place order button

      You can check out the complete list of Vestige products to get an idea of pricing and some necessary details.

      Guidelines For New Joining In Vestige

      The moment you get successfully registered with Vestige, I highly recommend you to read the “New Guidelines For New Joining In Vestige.”

      Click the below button to download the PDF of the new guidelines.

      Benefits Of Joining Vestige Business With Our Team

      Viraj Waim is with his Vestige team in the go crown seminar Pune
      Viraj Waim is with his Vestige team in the Go Crown seminar Pune

      Multi-level marketing is one of the greatest concepts ever discovered to give the taste of huge income to a middle or lower class people.

      Unlike traditional business, in Vestige, you can start your own business without a huge investment, expensive equipment’s or having a large space.

      The best part?

      You can get the benefits of exponential growth in the long run similar to the traditional business, and that too without even taking any risk.

      But, today because of some fake companies, genuine companies are facing high negativity problems from people and the direct selling industry is getting affected.

      Another best part?

      Still, many people are rocking in this industry and earning massive respect as well as money by not focusing on any negative person.


      Network Marketing is the business of teamwork… and without a good team and support, you’ll also get buried down inside the negativity.

      So, to keep you growing in this industry our team is always ready to provide help and support to you.

      Below are some benefits of joining Vestige with our team:

      • Active private WhatsApp group specially made for Vestige related queries
      • Active WhatsApp group of big leaders of Vestige to take inspiration from.
      • Private telegram group to learn new strategies of building network
      • Online Zoom meetings to discuss tactics by sitting at home.

      How Can I Add People To Grow My Own Network

      Adding or self-registering people in your downline is as easy as purchasing products through the “Vestige POS” app.

      And, below are the step by step roadmap to do so.

      • Open the Vestige POS app and click on the Add Distributor option.
      Selecting add distributor option on the Vestige POS app
      • Then, insert your distributor Id and click the Validate button.
      Inserting distributor Id and clicking validate button
      • Check whether it is showing your correct name or not.
      Checking upline details
      • Next, select one random Id for your downline from the dropdown list.
      Selecting random distributor Id for downline from the dropdown list
      • At last, fill all the details of that person including his/her title, first name, last name, date of birth, mobile number, email Id, gender, full address, pin code, city, state and then click on Save button.
      Filling necessary downline details and clicking the save button

      Now it’s your turn.

      Tell me when you’re going to take the decision and by using which method you’re joining Vestige.

      Always remember:

      “Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.”

      Audrey Hepburn

      Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below. 🙂

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