Top 10 Multi-Level Marketing Companies In India That Will Make You Rich

MLM Companies In India

This is the era of doing next-level business and a couple of MLM companies in India are crushing traditional business right off the bat.

With some effort, dedication, and a good network marketing company, you can also attain goals & give your life an unexpected turn.

In fact: Many People believe that direct selling companies are the shortcut to become a millionaire.

Well, that is absolutely true for a good reason.

Unlike traditional business, chain marketing business is backed by dozens of pros and benefits.

Some of the key advantages of network marketing businesses are: 

  • Requires no initial investment
  • No investment means no loss
  • You will be your own boss
  • The benefit of passive income
  • You can even build your business globally

Now, the question comes out: Which is the best network marketing company in India?

Honestly speaking, that’s the exact thing you’ll get to know in the article. 🙂

Let’s get started:


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    10+ List Of Popular Direct Selling And MLM Companies In India

    Note: Do not prejudge any listed company based on it’s ranking position mentioned in this article. I’ve put together some fastest growing MLM companies on a broad list just to organize the post in a good format.

    1. Vestige

    Starting the operation in the year 2004 by “Gautam Bali”, Vestige is now becoming a leading direct selling company in India and in many other countries like the U.A.E, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh, etc.

    The best part about the vestige business is that… you can get an opportunity to earn from 7 types of income sources.

    Here are they:

    • Retail profit
    • Performance bonus
    • Director bonus
    • Leadership overriding bonus
    • Travel fund
    • Car fund

    You can get different varieties and a wide range of product categories in this business… as vestige offers 250+ products it has more than 10+ different types of categories.

    Here some of the categories that you’ll get to see: Health food, home care, personal care, women’s hygiene, oral care, colour cosmetics and many more.


    Here you can check out the complete Vestige products list.

    Or, you can join and start the Vestige business with our team.

    “Dare to think every dream can come true.”

    Gautam Bali

    2. Forever Living Products

    By completely focusing on the plant “Aloe Vera” and making luxury products from it, Forever Living Products is another popular US-based direct selling industry which is sparkling today.

    Forever Living Products is founded by “Carl Jensen” and “Rex Maughan” in the year 1978 in Tempe, Arizona.

    The headquarters are located in the city named “Scottdale” which is located in the eastern part of “Maricopa” city.

    In fact,

    The estimated revenue of this company in the year 2018 was approximately 13.6 million dollars.

    Talking about the business opportunity… you can easily generate income by becoming a distributor and selling the products directly to your friends, family, and coworkers.

    You’ll receive a commission between 35% to 48% depending on the performance level that you’ve attained.

    You can also earn some good money by sharing this business opportunity with other people and making them Forever Living FBOs.

    This way you can earn not just commission from your own sales but also, sales by all the FBOs in your downline.

    The commission rate is somewhere between 2% to 6% based on your position in the company.

    You can check the complete list of products in Forever Living Products here.

    Or, you can join and start the business with Forever Living Products here.

    “Have the confidence to reach for your dreams and believe that you can be successful.”

    Rex Maughan

    3. Amway India

    Being one of the oldest American multi-level marketing companies, Amway took no time to build its reputation in India.

    After getting approval from India’s Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) in early 1995… Amway started its commercial operations on 5 May 1998.

    As Amway is an American direct selling company, its headquarters are located in Ada, Michigan, United States whereas in India they have their own 50-acre manufacturing plant in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, “Nilakottai.”

    On 9th November 1959, this company was founded by “Jay Van Andel” and “Richard Devos” is now still serving people from the last 60 years.

    Amway India offers more than 160 products which are primarily divided into categories such as nutrition, beauty, personal care, home & living.

    Here you can check out the categories and types of products that Amway offers.

    Or, You can simply register and become an Amway direct seller (ADS) by clicking here.

    “You can’t predict the future, but you can follow your dreams.”

    Jay Van Andel

    4. Herbalife

    Herbalife is yet another US-based network marketing company that is operating in India.

    It was founded by an American businessman “Mark R. Hughes” in the year February 1980 i.e 39 years ago.

    In the year 1999, Including India, Herbalife also opens in 3 other countries i.e Jamaica, Iceland & Slovak Republic.

    Honestly speaking, making income from this MLM company is not that easy.

    First, as usual, you cannot earn money by only recruiting or by only sponsoring someone.

    You can get an initial discount of 25% on all products (discount % can increase based on your performance) so you can generate income by selling Herbalife’s products that you buy at a discount.

    Your additional income cheque will depend upon the sales of the person you’ll sponsor in the future.

    Herbalife’s nutrition, weight management products are exclusively available through 2.3 million independent associates in more than 90 countries.

    Check out Herbalife products in India here.

    And, you can also register yourself into Herbalife business by clicking here.

    “If you want to compete with someone, compete with yourself. Be the best you possibly can every day.”

    Mark Hughes

    5. Naswiz Retails

    Naswiz Retails Private Limited or Naswiz Retails is an unlisted private Indian based company incorporated on 7th November 2016.

    “Santosh Kumar Chandrakar” and “Manish Nanda” both are the directors of the same company and the registered office of Naswiz Retails is located in New Delhi, India.

    The business model of Naswiz is totally based on the binary system which opens up doors to earn some good wealth from this chain marketing company.

    Here’s the breakdown of each thing:

    • Discount on products: 10% – 20%
    • Performance Bonus: 5% – 20%
    • Director Bonus: 14%
    • Leadership Overriding Bonus: 15%

    The company’s products are mostly related to categories like male & female apparels, electronics, lifestyle, etc…

    View all the products offered by Naswiz direct selling industry here.

    And, here is the exact process of becoming a direct seller in Naswiz.

    “The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.”

    Sonu Sharma

    6. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd.

    Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd is another one of the most popular MLM companies in India.

    The directors of the company are Manmohan Singh Kishore Kumar, Kolla Sathya Narayana & Hackeem Abdul Raheem… and it was established in the year 2013 in Chennai.

    You can easily grow your business and create a source of passive income with this legal direct selling company by putting some efforts to build your downline or team.

    The primary categories of products in this network marketing industry are Agro care, body care, grocery, health care, nutritional care & personal care.

    However, there is no cost involved in the process of registration but,

    In order to become a full-fledged distributor in Mi Lifestyle Marketing company… first, you need to purchase at least the number of products that are worth Rs.1,000/-.  

    Find out Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd. products here.

    Join and start earning some great amount of money through this business here.

    “Network marketing is a business, not a scheme that can make you rich in one night.”

    Pravin Chandan

    7. Modicare

    Modicare is also one more free to join MLM company in India founded by Padma Bhushan, Rai Bahadur, and Gujar Mal Modi… managed by a New Delhi businessman named “Samir Modi.”

    The headquarters of Modicare is situated in the capital of India “New Delhi” and the company comes up with the vision of helping people to become an entrepreneur.

    It was started in 1996 with 1 centre, 7 products, and approximately 400 consultants… fast forward to 2020, Modicare is now offering more than 100 products and it has a presence in India with over 40 centres.

    The money-making strategy is the same as other network marketing companies… you can buy products at a huge discount (approx 20% – 25%) and then sell it at a good profit.

    Or, you can join people in your downline to earn passively through their sales and efforts.

    Skincare, personal care, home care or agricultural products are the primary categories of products that you’ll get to see in this industry.

    The complete information about products is here.

    Start building your network in Modicare by becoming a consultant here.

    “I have to take you to the sky because the sky is the first floor of stars.”

    Samir Modi

    8. Oriflame

    Popular for a luxury beauty product brand, “Oriflame” is a well-known multi-level marketing company that is making people rich along with taking care of their skin.

    Oriflame is basically a Swedish beauty company which is founded in the year 1967 by two brothers named “Jonas af Jochnick” & “Robert af Jochnick” and their one more friend “Bengt Hellsten.”

    The company headquarters are located in the town of Switzerland named “Schaffhausen.”

    After penetrating its roots in India in 1998, Oriflame started making a good amount of turnover year by year in India.

    In fact,

    Some of the products of Oriflame have been seen a little bit costly in the Indian markets but, one thing is for sure that… you’ll never get disappointed with their quality of the products.

    You can even buy products directly from their official website… no need to find a direct seller.

    Check out the Oriflame digital products catalogue here.

    Or, if you want the benefits of their business opportunity, then you can register here.

    “Try and test out the methods that work best for you and then duplicate the same within your network.”

    Manisha Mehta

    9. Avon

    Still does not end here… Avon is another top-performing direct selling company that focuses majorly on beauty products.

    Unlike Oriflame, Avon is one of the oldest beauty direct sellers with more than 200 quality products that are categorized in the form of makeup, fragrance, bath and body, skincare and haircare, etc.

    In the year 1886 i.e 134 years ago, Avon was founded by “David H. McConnell” which has changed the life of many Indian citizens from the last 20 years.

    Avon also has its own manufacturing unit set up in Dehradun, India and the headquarters of the company is located in London, United Kingdom.

    If you’re searching for MLM company in the cosmetics category then I’ll definitely say: “simply go for Avon.”

    Have a look at Avon’s 200+ products official brochure here.

    Join or become a representative of Avon here.

    “Don’t give up too quickly, like a postage stamp – stick till you get to your destination.”

    David McConnell

    10. DXN India

    DXN India: A Malaysian network marketing company but became very popular when came to India was founded by “Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin” in the year 1993.

    The best part?

    This company was also listed on the position 15th in the 2019 global list of 100 direct selling companies by Direct Selling News (source).

    Talking about more details, the company was incorporated on 18th March 2014 and is registered at the Registrar of Companies, Chennai. 

    You can easily earn up to 15% to 20% of profits just by retailing products of DXN Marketing India Pvt Ltd.

    Just like Forever Living Products focuses on the plant “Aloe Vera”… Similarly, DXN completely focuses on different species of mushrooms such as Ganoderma, Reishi, and Lingzhi and make products out of it.

    Feel free to watch the complete list of products offered by DXN India here.

    And, the member registration form of DXN India here.

    “A millionaire is not a person who owns one million, but a person who earns one million a year.”

    Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin

    11. 4Life

    I will not forget the name “4Life” if we are talking about the best MLM companies in India.

    4Life is also a US-based MLM company and has also received an “A+” rating by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

    Now, let’s talk about the history of the company.

    So, after years of research and studies “David Lisonbee” finally, get successful in developing the products “Transfer Factor” & “Transfer Factor Plus” and then in January 1998 he cofounded “4Life Research” with his wife “Bianca Lisonbee.”

    He cofounded “4Life Research” with transfer factor as its flagship product and within just a span of 15 years, the company acquired offices in 22 countries and doing business in more than 50 countries including India.

    You can easily get commission up to 20% – 25% just by selling products of 4Life.

    From here you can purchase or check out the complete details of products of 4Life.

    If you want to sign up or join with 4Life then you can do the same from here.

    “What determines success? A strong product? A viable company? Lucrative compensation plan? Yes! But also a System!”

    Jeff Altgilbers

    12. RCM

    With over 8 million active distributors… RCM is one of the biggest network marketing companies in India.

    The founder yet chairman of RCM is “Shri. Tiolk Chand Chhabra” and the business is still growing in a rapid phase.

    Just like other MLM industries, if you acquired a little bit of knowledge about this business and the company then you can also achieve the top position soon.

    Talking about the company’s products:

    You can easily find more than 800 quality products divided into subcategories like personal care, health care, bags & accessories, kid’s apparel and a lot more on their official website.

    RCM mainly focuses on fast-moving best quality consumable goods and health products that are available at a nominal price in the Indian market.

    Just go through each and every product category of RCM business here.

    Or, you can register yourself in RCM business here.

    “Smile is necessary to succeed.”

    Mukesh Kothari

    Now It’s Your Turn

    Just go with your favourite multi-level marketing company and start building your own network now !!

    Also, tell me in which company you’re planning to grow your own business in the future or in which industry you’re already working?

    Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below. 🙂

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