Pilot: The Definitive Guide (2020)


Introducing the all new definitive guide on pilot in India.

In this piece of content you’ll get each and every information about an aviator in India.

Whether you are looking for pilot job info or you might looking for salary details & recruitment process this guide covers everything.

In short, if you’re looking for the most complete guide on an aviator in India then you’ll love this definitive guide.

Let’s dive right in.

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    Pilot Job Description

    This is the introductory section for the most pleasing job profile ever.

    In this section, I have covered a brief introduction of an aviator including the advantages, qualification & skills, duties & responsibilities, working hours etc.

    I have also include a job description template to help you with the hiring process.

    Table Of Contents:

    • Pilot Introduction
    • Why Become A Pilot?
    • Job Qualifications & Skills
    • Duties & Responsibilities
    • Working Hours & Salary
    • Job Description Template

    Becoming A Pilot Guide

    Finally, its time to answer the most asked question of all the time “how to become a pilot in India.”

    In this section, I have given my 100% effort to give the best possible solution of this question in simple step by step format.

    You’ll get to learn about the exact requirements & qualifications to become a commercial & military pilot along with the proper steps from scratch.

    Table Of Contents:

    • Important Requirement & Qualifications
    • How To Become A Commercial Pilot
    • How To Become A Pilot In Indian Air Force

    Pilot Salary Details

    There’s lot of confusion regarding salary packages of an aviator among people all over the country.

    Hence in this section, I will try to blow out that confusion by providing you with proper information about the salary packages of pilots in India.

    Do not forget to read this entire comprehensive guide !!

    Table Of Contents

    • Average Salary Of A Pilot
    • Factors Affecting The Salary Growth
    • Commercial Pilot Salary Structure
    • Military Pilot Salary Structure
    • Salary Package By Top Companies
    • Salary Package By Top Locations

    What Do You Think

    I’d love to hear what you think about this all in one definitive guide on aviator in India.

    Your positive comments encourage me to create more comprehensive guides like this one.

    So, if you really love this guide then do not hesitate to let me know in this comment section below.

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    Official Government Website – https://dgca.gov.in/digigov-portal/.

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