True Love

True Love In 2020: The Definitive Guide

True Love is an important part of our life… and it is also a piece of the puzzle for a happy & peaceful life.

But it becomes very difficult for many people to distinguish between a real person and a fake one.

The result?

Most people destroy their life with their own hands and lose out everything while chasing love.

Now, the questions are:

What are the symptoms of real love? and how one can easily find it?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this effective guide.

So, let’s start with the most popular one.

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Does True Love Really Exist?

The simple answer to this question is YES. Real love does exist !!

But then, WHY do people find it difficult to explore it?

That too because it’s hidden and it takes lots of effort and patience to finally uncover it.

For me, none of the other examples like a relationship between a mother and her child would be a perfect fit for giving proof of true love in real life.


Do you know: 99% of people start accepting true love in its wrong form.

Are you one of those people who think real love means caring or finding someone with good looks?

If yes, then this article will be the most essential guide for you.

Love of a mother towards her child truly represents what will be the real face of true love looks like.

She never knew about his/her looks before nor she knows whether the child gonna take care of her in the future or not.

Still, a mother never compromises on anything for her child’s growth… which gives you an idea that real love definitely exists.

But, even though this relationship is one of the best relationships in the world, nowadays we read the word “female infanticide” a couple of times in the newspaper.

Which is totally a bad thing.

So, does that mean unconditional love has got vanished? Or what will the true meaning of unconditional love?

(More on this in the next section)

For now, if I just want to wrap this section nicely then this last quote would be a perfect fit for it:

“True love can only be visible if you create possibilities for it.”

What Is True Love?

True love or unconditional love is basically an ordinary love that is backed by things that give only positive outcomes.

Love which is formed by having a presence of activities that can be changed at any time I called it ordinary love.

For your better understanding ordinary love is something which we get to see in our day to day life.

Here’s an example:

If someone is caring for you, that is ordinary love.

If someone is very loyal to you then that is also a part of ordinary love.


True love doesn’t have any expiry date on it and it is not just based on factors like loyalty, better understanding, or forgiveness, etc.

Of course, these factors play a very big role in keeping the relationship alive for a longer period of time… but there is no guarantee when someone suddenly stops doing it for you.

Just think about it, if unconditional love is something which never fades away then how it can be dependent on the things which have no guarantee to stay life long.

So, what is true love?

I believe true love is something that never hurts you mentally or physically by the activities of your partner.

Let’s say you have got an amazing partner who takes care of you so nicely but, he or she is spending more time with someone whom you don’t like.

Now that’s hurting you mentally which is easily understandable that the person is just doing an ordinary love with you.

“Real love doesn’t hurt, it heals.”

In simple words – True love consists of all those things which are required to save the relationship and all those activities which will never gonna hurt you mentally or physically.

Note: Some activities of your partner can also hurt you mentally or physically but, can benefit you in the long run (discussed in more detail here). 

Characteristics Of Real Love

Want to know what are some cool qualities and Characteristics Of True Love?

Then hold on because this section is created to give you a deep insight into all the features of unbreakable relationships.

Let’s dive right in:

1. Doesn’t Require Any Proof

One of the key features of true love is that you do not need to do any hard work for getting it from your partner.

Yes, you read that right.

Seriously there is no need of doing any crazy things like writing a 2000 words love letter with googled poems or gifting a luxury thing with your hard-earned money.

In fact,

True love does not require any proof or hard lifting… you can also get it even without expressing it. 🙂

“True love needs no verbal explanation; The proof is always in the action.”

But, even after doing lots of things if you are facing difficulty to achieve it, then you must need to move out of your current situation ASAP.

Because you’re completely wasting your precious time on the wrong person.

2. Equal Respect & Attention

Are you one of those people who are getting ignored by their partner or suffering from late replies in a conversation?

If YES, then my dear friend you are into a wrong relationship.

Wait !! keep reading, you’re about to touch a very important part.

Well, you’re not a victim if you’re facing such kind of behaviour from your partner once or twice a week.

That’s completely natural, nobody is always free in order to reply in time.

But, if you find such a case multiple times every day, then you must need to put some extra care on it.


“Real love requires no seeking for respect and attention.”

So, if you have started a new relationship then make sure you’re getting equal attention and respect from your partner.

3. Chances Of Being A Priority

If you’re into the right relationship by the grace of God, then there are very high chances for you to becoming a priority for your partner.

Your partner will try to give more importance to your happiness and decisions than his/her own.

So, always remember this quote:

“True love is when someone values your happiness more than his/her own.”

This is one of the most beautiful qualities that you’ll never ever get to see if you’re into a wrong relationship.

But never create misunderstanding in your mind, there might be more people already available in the life of your partner before.

Sometimes it will happen, your partner may give more respect to the opinions of his/her brother, sister, mom or dad than yours.

In such a case, you need to respect his/her decisions for keeping the health of your relationship safe.

4. Less Involvement Of Ego

True love is not about keeping your ego in front of everything and making yourself feel great and stronger than your partner.

Real love is more about caring and support and less about fights and misunderstanding.

Because unconditional love was truly made for a long-lasting relationship and not for temporary happiness.

It always tries to save the relationship by apologizing first even though it was not their mistake.

“Wash your ego before it makes a stain on your life.”


True love always tries to understand both sides of the situation first and then only move towards his own decision.

So, this is one of the great qualities you’ll gonna get to see in a perfect relationship.

5. Ability To Relieve Stress

Good question for you:

Why do people actually adopt a desire to fall into the right relationship?


It’s because everybody wants to get a break from their busy and frustrating schedule of life.

Love is the only thing that has got the ability to relieve stress naturally and make a person feel happy from inside.

It has been also said that:

“Holding the hand of someone you love is proven to relieve stress and reduce pain.”

So, always keep in mind that… real love is not something that creates more and more problems in life.

In fact:

True love is a natural healer and always acts as an antidote to all your life problems.

7 Proven Signs Of True Love

Have you ever got frustrated finding some real Signs Of True Love on the internet?

If yes, then I have put together some real signs about the true relationships that no one talks about.

Let’s get started:

1. No Hidden Intentions

A relationship is SUPERB when people have no hidden intentions behind what they are actually doing for their partner.

And, that is what the first sign of real love in life is.

“Loving without a condition is one of the most important faces of true love.”

In other words, the best relationship is where there are no mind games or hidden conditions behind all those activities which define a person’s love for someone.

Here’s a good example for you:

Well, I’m not promoting anyone, but if you have a look on Sandeep Maheshwari’s youtube channel then you’ll get to know that he has kept Google Adsense disable on his channel.


Because he truly loves his audience and his whole intention was to provide value in other’s life and not just monetizing it.

This is an awesome sign of real love as this person has no hidden intentions behind what he is doing for others.

2. Absence Of Lustfulness

Another great sign of true love is: “less presence of lust between partners.”

Real love is all about spending time outside with your partner and exploring the world rather than sleeping with each other most of the time in bed.

Sex and physical attraction are good but not all the time.

Trust me lust takes over each and every beautiful moment that one can either get from his/her partner in other ways.

“A kiss on the forehead is much sweeter than a thousand kiss on the lips. No lust but full of love and respect.”

So if your partner is not that much physically active with you today then it doesn’t mean he/she won’t love you.

Maybe that person won’t be completely ready at the moment or he/she may want to make even more beautiful memories with you on that particular day. 🙂

3. Restrictionless Living

A perfect relationship is like a beautiful yellow canary bird without any cage around it.

Love can be a hundred times more beautiful when it allows you to breathe without any fear.

I’m not just talking about the relationship between a man and a woman… in fact, any relationship must be condition free.

If there are so many restrictions in your relationship then it is not a good signal.

“Your relationship should make you feel safe, loved & happy… NOT tense, scared & anxious.”

Also, keep this important thing in your mind:

You need to move out from the misconception that, you are the only one who deserves love from your partner.

True love has the possibility to happen to multiple people by the same person.

Here’s an example:

A mother’s love cannot be different for each of her two kids.

So, the relationship should remain agreement free and there must be no clauses or restrictions on doing some kind of necessary things which are ethically right.

4. Less Negative Prediction

The durability of the relationship is also based on some other factors such as trust and loyalty.

And, hence it has been proved that these two above factors are one of the most important signals of real love.

So, if you’re a trustworthy and loyal person for your partner then it is a great sign of true love.

But, even after working so hard for your relationship, if your partner continuously takes doubt on you then it is a bad signal.

Here is one suitable question for you.

How does your partner reacts or responds with you:

  • When you go outside with your other friends
  • Being late to come home sometimes
  • Or when you won’t be able to communicate on time.

If he/she may try to understand you then that is GREAT but, if that person harms you or try to figure out something wrong in you then it’s WORST.

Read these two points very seriously:

First, true unconditional love never ever hurt someone physically.

And another one?

“Sometimes even distance doesn’t ruin a relationship, but doubts always do.”

5. Availability Of Lifelines

Even if true love means not doing anything wrong, it doesn’t mean a person never gonna do a single mistake till his/her last breath.

We are human beings and YES we are not perfect or born with the ability to do the right things all the time.

“Fall in love with the person who is kind enough to give you a second chance.”

And, the best thing you can do here is:

Not doing the same mistake twice and respect each that chance which your partner has given to correct yourself.


The power of real love totally depends on the density of doing all those activities which are hurting your partner emotionally or mentally.

So, if your partner is giving you more chances than you deserve or forgiving you each time you hurt him/her… then, my dear friend, it is the best type of love that you’ve got.

NEVER let such love to go from your hands because once it is gone it will never gonna come back !!

6. Letting Go Happily

Sometimes your good going relationship points you in the direction where you might get confused whether your relationship was true or fake.

Unfortunately, the rules of living together forever do not always apply in the case of real love.

This mostly happens when some kind of situation in life forces your partner to break the relationship for avoiding any negative impact in the future.

At that moment you need to understand both sides of the situation peacefully and let that person go happily in his/her desired direction.

Yes, it is the bitter truth that sometimes you need to sacrifice your love to actually make it called true love in upcoming days.

But let me tell you that “forgiveness” is the only key to success for the upcoming events in life.

And, in such a case if you find it difficult to forgive or get over your partner then, always think about this quote:

“When you can’t forgive someone, pray for them. It may or may not change them, but it will always change you.”

7. Adjustment For Comfort

Does your partner is making some kind of adjustment to keep the relationship alive?

If yes, then I don’t think so I need to complete this sentence because you already know what I’m gonna say.

Just think about all those weaknesses that you’ve got before starting your current relationship.

What are the things which you’re lacking in your life before falling into a relationship?

Beautiful short story for you:

She likes expensive jewellery a lot but he is poor and does not afford it.

He didn’t give any type of expensive jewellery the entire year but gifted her a ring which was not that costly.

She was extremely happy to get such a beautiful gift because he adjusted to buy a ring from his income and she adjusted to her love for expensive things.

“Age of a relationship is totally based on the number of sacrifices and adjustment you do for it.”

A great line of words:

No relationship can be perfect and nor it can be.

But, if your partner is making necessary adjustments in order to save the relationship, then he or she is indirectly giving you a hint of their true love.

Top Secrets To Find True Love

Are you seeking for real love for a longer period of time and still unable to find it so?

Then here are the exact secrets on How To Find True Love (for sure).

Let’s face it:

Step #1: Focus On Your Structure

Why someone should select only you as a soulmate for his/her whole life?

This is the first question arises when it comes to finding a life partner.

It is a fact that:

Nowadays a very few percentages of people accept someone as their life partner without looking into his/her capabilities.

Almost 99% of people want someone who is capable enough to deal with various life problems such as financial issues, health issues or other struggles.

Getting accepted by someone is the first step in the process of finding true love.

And, if you want to increase the chances of getting YES, then you need to start working on yourself from NOW itself !!

“Make yourself so strong that you know how to handle every situation even if it’s breaking you.”

But, also make sure you are not investing in yourself just for the sake of getting into a relationship.

(More on this later)

Step #2: Explore For Possibilities

Ok, so I’m working hard to make myself better and better each day.

Now tell me the next step to finding true unconditional love (fast).

Here you go:

Don’t just sit on the platform to wait for the right train to come… it’s time to create possibilities to get some real-life insights.

As you already know we can’t predict the behaviour of an unknown person directly, so it’s better to start a friendship with the person you already have a crush on.

“Opportunities don’t just happen. You create them.”

Chris Grosser

Here is the 3 step formula:

  1. Start the conversation
  2. Express your feelings
  3. Respect the decision

Let’s break each element down:

Start The Conversation

One of the worst methods is to directly express feelings to a person who doesn’t even know you.

Without creating a bond you can’t even start a friendship then how can you expect love from an unknown person.

So, the first step is always to become friends by starting a conversation and getting to know each other.

Express Your Feeling

Not everyone has got the power to understand things without saying a single word.

And, if you want to save yourself from so many regrets in upcoming days then you need to express your feelings to that person now.

Be polite and try to express feelings without keeping any expectations.

Also, make sure you have made enough bonding with that person before giving your proposal.

Respect The Decision

Do not expect quick results of your feelings, always give some time and be ready to respect the decision of that person.

If the answer is positive, then the next section is waiting for you.

But, if the answer is negative, try to understand the person and move on in life to find more possibilities.

One thing always keeps in mind… never ever BEG for love and always keep faith in yourself.

Pro Tip: You can even start digging social media to find more people and some more possibilities online.

Step #3: Deep Your Observation

Got a positive response? Good, I appreciate your efforts.

But, don’t celebrate from now… there are a lot many things you need to do after getting into a new relationship.

Do not go with the flow, always take care of yourself while exploring with your partner.

Make sure you won’t start expecting so many things from your new partner in a few couples of days or weeks.

Be alert and analyze your whole day every night.

Try to figure out:

  • The nature of that person.
  • The intention behind the relation.
  • And, future goals and ambitions.

“If you observe well, your own heart will answer.”

And, when you get success in finding the real person behind the mask… Then finally you need to decide whether you’re going to feel comfortable with him/her or not.

Step #4: Don’t Dig For Perfection

Finding perfection in all things is the root cause for the majority of people who are still living alone.

If you are unable to find a few things in your partner then try to compromise it.

It is a fact that:

No one is perfect in this whole world.

A very beautiful though for you:

“Great relationship is about two things. First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences.”

Focus your vision more on the positive things of your partner to blur down all the negativities.

The conversation is better than being silent, so share each that thing with your partner that you think may disturb your relationship in the future.

If the person truly loves you then he/she may try to understand your words even without feeling bad. 🙂

Step #5: Allow To Grow Naturally

It’ll be thinking of a foolish person who believes he/she gets results in a few couples of weeks.

Keep in mind:

When a newly started relationship goes through from a particular stage then only true or unconditional love takes place.

Attraction or affection can happen with a blink of an eye but true love can even take years to build.

Avoid trying to expect from someone even if you are putting so much effort… by doing so you only ended up destroying it completely.

Give some time and allow it to grow naturally.


“Never force someone to make a space in their life for you, because if they know your worth, they will surely create one for you.”

Not always you will be lucky enough to find true love at first try but still, keep faith in yourself and try to find more possibilities because you’re a limitless instrument of God.

Last Words

Fortunately, I do not believe in the statement “Love at first sight” rather I called it “Just an attraction at first sight.”

Infatuation can always hurt you in the long run… so, always try to avoid it.

Take care while starting a relationship and never ever make any decisions so quickly, try to research well.

Also, avoid cheating… it is one of the worst things you can do with your love.

Here’s one last question for you:

Home many spoons do you required to finish one bowl of tomato soup?

Just one right !!

Similarly, you do not require multiple people to experience the aura of true love.

Always keep relation with just one person and try to stay loyal, and if you find your partner doesn’t worth your feelings then move on and try to find your own peace.


“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

OK, so now I’d like to hear from you.

Which new thing you have learned from today’s post.

Let me know by leaving a comment below now.

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