The Complete List Of ALL Vestige Products With Price & Full Details (2020)

Vestige Products List

Vestige is one of the best direct selling companies in India and in this post I’m going to share with you the complete Vestige products list of 2020.

In fact:

Vestige has more than 200 quality products divided into 13+ subcategories and in today’s post, you’ll get to know about every detail of each product.

If you want to dive right into a particular category then feel free to utilize the below navigation section.

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    Product Categories

    Vestige Products List Of 2020 With Price, Quantity, PV, and BV

    Here are some necessary details to note:

    1. Product Name: Name of the products
    2. Net Content: Actual quantity of products that you get
    3. DP (Distributor Price): You’ll get all products at distributor price when you register yourself in Vestige Business
    4. MRP (Maximum Retail Price): You’ll get all products at MRP when you’re not a distributor of Vestige Business
    5. PV (Point Value): 1 PV = ₹30
    6. BV (Business Volume): 18 BV = 1 PV

    Category#1: Agri Products

    Brand: Agri 82

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Agri 82100 ml x 3 pieces₹270.00₹350.009162
    Agri 82500 ml₹377.00₹440.0012.57226.26
    Agri Humic500 ml₹495.00₹595.0016.5297
    Agri Humic Granules5 kg₹600.00₹700.0020.0360
    Agri-Nanotek500 g₹1,250.00₹1,475.0041.67750.06
    Agri 825 L₹3,319.00₹3,850.00110.631,991.34

    Category #2: Air Purifier

    Brand: Sharp

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Air Purifier (New)1 Unit₹18,500.00₹19,500668.012,024
    Replacement Hepa Filter1 Unit₹3,325.00₹3,725.0092.361,662.48

    Category #3: Ayurveda

    Brand: Ayusante

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Kidneyhealth60 Veg Capsules₹650.00₹760.0021.67390.06
    Liverhealth60 Veg Capsules₹655.00₹765.0021.83392.94
    Glucohealth60 Veg Capsules₹680.00₹795.0022.67408.06
    Toxclean60 Veg Capsules₹705.00₹825.0023.5423
    Vital Complex60 Veg Capsules₹765.00₹895.0025.5459
    Respocare60 Veg Capsules₹625.00₹730.0020.83374.94
    Procard60 Veg Capsules₹820.00₹960.0027.33491.94

    Category #4: Business Tools

    Brand: Vestige

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Flip Chart1 Piece₹180.00₹180.00
    Agriculture Guide Book1 Piece₹7.00₹7.00
    Product Catalogue1 Piece₹50.00₹50.00
    Voice1 Piece₹51.00₹51.00
    Health Guide1 Piece₹32.00₹32.00
    Success Plan1 Piece₹20.00₹20.00
    Wellth on Wheels (Luxury Car Book)1 Piece₹1,700.00₹1700.0028.33509.94
    Car Book1 Piece₹1,125.00₹1,125.0012.5225
    Leading Ladies Book1 Piece₹1,125.00₹1,125.0012.5225
    Brand T-Shirt1 Piece₹450.00₹450.007.5135
    New Vestige Tie1 Piece₹400.00₹400.006.67120.06
    Tie With Box1 Piece₹400.00₹400.006.67120.06
    Crepe Saree1 Piece₹1,950.00₹1950.0021.67390.06
    Distributor Laptop Bag1 Piece₹2,950.00₹3,200.0032.78590.04
    Leaflet Sharp Air Purifier1 Piece₹4.00₹4.00
    Leaflet Sharp Water Purifier Pitcher1 Piece₹4.00₹4.00
    Folder Sharp Water Purifier1 Piece₹6.00₹6.00
    D. Application Form With ID CardSet of 5₹14.00₹14.00
    Business Starter Pack1 Piece₹200.00₹200.00

    Category #5: Colour Cosmetics

    Brand: Mistral Of Milan

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    BrushesSet of 3₹490.00₹570.0016.33293.94
    Makeup Pro Fix Loose Powder6 g₹530.00₹620.0017.67318.06
    True Look Compact Powder Pearl9 g₹490.00₹575.0016.33293.94
    Complete Coverage Concealer6 ml₹500.00₹575.0016.67300.06
    True Look Compact Powder Light9 g₹380.00₹450.0012.67228.06
    Face & Eye Makeup Remover100 ml₹395.00₹460.0013.17237.06
    Silk Glow Blush4.5 g₹425.00₹495.0014.17255.06
    Perfect Blend Liquid Foundation30 ml₹433.00₹505.0014.43259.74
    Dual Tone Lipstick4 g₹525.00₹625.0017.5315
    Top Coat Lipstick3.6 g₹540.00₹650.0018.0324
    Long Wear Liquid Lipstick6 ml₹560.00₹655.0018.67336.06
    Star Light Lipstick4 g₹480.00₹560.0016.0288
    Ultra Define Lip Liner0.35 g₹360.00₹415.0012.0216
    Creme Matte Lipstick4.2 g₹360.00₹425.0012.0216
    Silk Shine Lip Gloss6 ml₹305.00₹355.0010.17183.06
    Lip Chubby3.5 g₹450.00₹525.0015.0270
    True Emotion Eye Shadow3.6 g₹525.00₹615.0017.5315
    Showtime Mascara 6018 ml₹550.00₹645.0018.33329.94
    Eye Rule Eyeliner Pen1 ml₹450.00₹550.0015.0270
    Showtime Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner3 ml₹325.00₹380.0010.83194.94
    True Define Eyeliner Pencil0.28 g₹250.00₹290.008.33149.94
    Deep Define Kajal2.5 g₹235.00₹275.007.83140.94
    Deep Define Kajal (Black)2.5 g₹190.00₹220.006.33113.94
    Dip n Clean Nail Polish Remover30 ml₹275.00₹320.009.17165.06
    Ultra Stay Nail Lacquer10 ml₹190.00₹220.006.33113.94
    Matte Nail Lacquer10 ml₹210.00₹245.007.0126
    New Gen Nail Lacquer10 ml₹210.00₹245.007.0126
    Mistral of Milan Product Catalogue1 Piece₹30.00₹30.00

    Category #6: Health Food

    Brand: Lite House, Enerva, Invigo, and Zeta

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Lite House Olive Pomace Oil1 L₹650.00₹760.0021.67390.06
    Lite House Rice Bran Oil2 L₹395.00₹460.009.88177.84
    Enerva Break Fast Cereal350 g₹299.00₹350.008.3149.4
    Invigo FRESHnUP Drink200 g₹200.00₹235.006.67120.06
    Invigo Nutritional Protein Powder200 g₹505.00₹590.0016.83302.94
    Invigo Nutritional Protein Powder500 g₹1,150.00₹1,320.0038.33689.94
    Zeta Gano Coffee Max 2 in 1100 g₹575.00₹675.0019.17345.06
    Zeta Special Tea250 g₹107.00₹120.002.6848.24
    Zeta Coffee50 g₹158.00₹185.005.2794.86

    Category #7: Health Supplements

    Brand: Vestige

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Amla60 Capsules₹175.00₹203.005.83104.94
    Aloe Vera60 Capsules₹275.00₹320.009.17165.06
    Spirulina100 Capsules₹350.00₹412.0011.67210.06
    Noni90 Capsules₹500.00₹585.0018.05324.9
    Colostrum60 Capsules₹615.00₹720.0020.5369
    Dietary Fibre200 g₹770.00₹900.0025.67462.06
    Ganoderma90 Capsules₹785.00₹920.0026.17471.06
    Curcumin Plus60 Capsules₹900.00₹1,050.0030.0540
    Detox Foot Patch10 Patches₹1,204.00₹1,400.0033.44601.92
    Eye Support30 Capsules₹575.00₹625.0019.17345.06
    Folic & Iron Plus60 Capsules₹240.00₹280.008.0144
    Shatavari Max90 Capsules₹460.00₹545.0015.33275.94
    Hair, Skin & Nail60 Capsules₹475.00₹555.0015.83284.94
    Cranberry60 Capsules₹1,630.00₹1,875.0054.33977.94
    Veslim Tea150 g₹680.00₹795.0022.67408.06
    Protein Powder200 g₹685.00₹80022.83410.94
    Veslim Shake Mango Flavour500 g₹1,350.00₹1,500.0045.0810
    Protein Powder500 g₹1,600.00₹1,800.0053.33959.94
    Veslim90 Capsules₹1,100.00₹1,290.0036.67660.06
    Calcium100 Tablets₹230.00₹270.007.67138.06
    Collagen10 Sachets x 7.5 g = 75 g₹600.00₹700.0020.0360
    Glucosamine100 Tablets₹810.00₹950.0027.0486
    Glucosamine60 Tablets₹520.00₹610.0017.33311.94
    Coconut Oil Capsule 1000 mg60 Capsules₹600.00₹700.0020.0360
    Coenzyme Q1030 Capsules₹815.00₹950.0027.17489.06
    L-Arginine15 Sachets x 10 g = 150 g₹1,320.00₹1,515.0044.0792
    Flax Oil90 Capsules₹515.00₹605.0017.17309.06
    Stevia100 Tablets₹140.00₹160.004.6784.06
    Neem100 Capsules₹320.00₹375.0010.67192.06
    Prime Combiotics30 Capsules₹450.00₹525.0015.0270
    Prime X-Tract Fruit15 Sachets x 9 g = 135 g₹1,100.00₹1,275.0033.61604.98
    Krill Oil 500 mg30 Capsules₹1,250.00₹1,435.0041.67750.06
    Prime X-Tract Vegetable15 Sachets x 9 g = 135 g₹1,250.00₹1,440.0038.19687.42

    Category #8: Home Care

    Brand: Hyvest

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Ultra Matic Detergent Powder500 g₹140.00₹160.004.6784.06
    Ultra Scrub Dish Wash500 ml₹177.00₹205.005.89106.02
    Spray Application Bottle750 ml (Empty Bottle)₹28.00₹32.000.356.3
    Ultra Swab Floor Cleaner500 ml₹186.00₹215.006.2111.6
    Ultra Guard Toilet Cleaner500 ml₹110.00₹128.003.6766.06
    Ultra Wash Liquid Detergent500 ml₹321.00₹375.0010.7192.6
    Ultra Shine Glass Cleaner500 ml₹197.00₹230.006.57118.26
    Ultra Shield500 ml₹535.00₹600.0017.83320.94

    Category #9: Men’s Grooming

    Brand: Truman

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Shaving Gel50 g₹105.00₹125.003.563
    Face Wash75 ml₹230.00₹270.007.67138.06
    Bathing Bar125 g₹107.00₹120.003.5764.26
    Mens Deo150 ml₹231.00₹270.007.69138.42

    Category #10: Oral Care

    Brand: DentAssure

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Multi Action Toothbrush4 Toothbrushes₹208.00₹244.006.93124.74
    Toothpaste100 g₹65.00₹75.002.1739.06
    Dental Floss Picks20 Sticks₹100.00₹115.003.7567.5
    Whitening Toothpaste90 g₹125.00₹150.004.1775.06
    Gano Toothpaste100 g₹150.00₹175.005.090
    Mouth Wash250 ml₹175.00₹205.005.83104.94

    Category #11: Personal Care

    Brand: Assure, Vescare

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Aloe Cucumber Aquagel100 ml₹270.00₹315.009.0162
    Vescare Insta Relief Cream50 g₹129.00₹150.004.377.4
    Perfume Spray100 ml₹275.00₹325.009.17165.06
    Cocoa & Peach Body Butter200 g₹441.00₹515.0014.7264.6
    Body Wash150 ml₹259.00₹300.008.63155.34
    Body Polish150 ml₹309.00₹360.0010.3185.4
    Hand & Body Lotion250 ml₹191.00₹225.006.37114.66
    Soap100 g₹35.00₹40.000.9717.46
    Body Talc100 g₹52.00₹60.001.5928.62
    Complexion Bar (Kesar, Olive & Honey)75 g₹62.00₹72.001.7230.96
    Perfume Spray18 ml₹85.00₹100.002.8350.94
    Shaving Cream100 g₹101.00₹120.003.3760.66
    Hand Wash (N)250 ml₹125.00₹145.004.1775.06
    Foot Cream50 g₹141.00₹165.004.6984.42
    Active Deo (Men)150 ml₹163.00₹190.004.5381.54
    Rapture Deo (Women)125 ml₹163.00₹190.004.5381.54
    Creamy Cleansing Bar75 g₹53.00₹60.001.4726.46
    BB Cream30 g₹340.00₹400.0011.33203.94
    Purifying Cleaner + Toner250 ml₹270.00₹315.009.0162
    Daily Moisturiser250 ml₹248.00₹290.008.27148.86
    Exfoliating Face Scrub60 g₹253.00₹295.008.43151.74
    Facial Massage Cream60 g₹212.00₹250.007.07127.26
    Anti-Ageing Night Cream60 g₹219.00₹255.007.3131.4
    Sun Defence SPF 30+60 g₹225.00₹265.007.5135
    Tanclear Face Pack60 g₹225.00₹265.007.5135
    Instant Glow Face Pack60 g₹146.00₹170.004.8787.66
    Clarifying Face Wash60 g₹146.00₹170.004.8887.84
    Complete Fairness Cream50 g₹169.00₹200.004.6984.42
    Hair Spa150 g₹350.00₹405.0011.67210.06
    Hair Conditioner75 g₹208.00₹245.006.93124.74
    Deep Cleanse Sampoo (Oily)200 ml₹163.00₹190.004.5381.54
    Moisture Rich Sampoo (D & D)200 ml₹163.00₹190.004.5381.54
    Daily Care Sampoo (Normal)200 ml₹163.00₹190.004.5381.54
    Hair Oil200 ml₹165.00₹195.005.599

    Category #12: Premium Skin Care

    Brand: Skin Formula 9

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Brightening Treatment Cream50 g₹1,900.00₹2,200.0063.331,139.94
    Under Eye Serum15 ml₹850.00₹1,000.0028.33509.94
    Deep Cleaning Oil25 ml₹1,200.00₹1,400.0040.0720

    Category #13: Water Purifier

    Brand: Sharp

    Product NameNet ContentDPMRPPVBV
    Water Purifier Pitcher1 Unit₹2,800.00₹3,200.0093.331,679.94
    Water Purifier1 Unit₹28,000.00₹32.000.00933.3316,799.94

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      1. Currently, #Vestige is available in the following countries.
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      Grocery items of Vestige shall be available all part of India.. because most of people are consume Grocery rather than other products…

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